N30 Mask

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Comfort Meets Functionality: Exploring the N30 Mask

N30 Mask

The N30 mask is designed to discreetly fit into your lifestyle to help you stay in therapy. As one of the lightest masks ever, it offers exceptional comfort without sacrificing performance. The N30 mask makes CPAP therapy more accessible and convenient with its innovative features.

Unparalleled Comfort of N30 Mask

The N30 mask features a soft, curved nasal cradle cushion that provides a comfortable, custom fit. The lightweight cushion rests gently under the nose, eliminating pressure points and irritation.

1. Lightweight Design

Weighing less than 2 ounces, the N30 is one of the lightest CPAP masks on the market. The lightweight design minimises awareness of the mask during sleep. The ultralight cushion and frame allow free movement without tugging or pulling.

2. Streamlined Profile

With its narrow profile, the cushion sits evenly under the nose, so it’s a great option if you sleep on your side. The compact, contoured shape helps prevent mask displacement when changing positions at night.

3. Adjustable Elastic Headgear

The mask includes elastic slip-on headgear that is simple to adjust for a personalised fit. The soft fabric headgear maintains position without overtightening or leaving marks on the face.

Innovative Features

The N30 mask combines thoughtful design with innovative features to enhance therapy. Several clever details set this mask apart from other CPAP masks.

1. Built-In Exhalation Port

The mask features a built-in exhalation port to diffuse air out of the mask quietly. This produces a more comfortable, flexible fit during therapy. The integrated port also allows the tubing to swivel 360 degrees, so you can sleep in any position.

2. Minimal Contact Cushion

The nasal cradle cushion provides a “barely there” feel with minimal facial contact. The open-frame design allows maximum visibility and increases comfort.

3. Quick-Release Elbow

The N30’s quick-release elbow allows quick, tool-free disassembly of the mask for easy cleaning and travel. The elbow detaches with a simple twist to easily wash all mask parts.

4. Clever Magnets

Integrated magnets allow you to temporarily detach the mask from the tube without obliterating it. This makes it easy to get up for a drink or use the bathroom before reattaching the mask and resuming therapy.

5. Improve Compliance

By blending comfort, performance, and convenience, the N30 makes it easier to comply with therapy recommendations. Even new CPAP users can quickly acclimate to this discreet, lightweight mask. With its clever design features, the N30 mask can help you incorporate CPAP into your lifestyle successfully. Give the N30 a try for restful sleep and improved breathing night after night.

6. A Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your health and well-being. However, conditions like sleep apnea can disrupt sleep and decrease sleep quality. The N30 mask is designed to comfortably treat sleep apnea to help you achieve restful, uninterrupted sleep.

7. Silent Operation

The N30 mask offers whisper-quiet performance, so you and your bed partner aren’t disturbed by noise from the CPAP machine. The diffused venting and minimal contact cushion allow air to flow silently through the mask.

8. Freedom of Movement

N30 Mask

The N30’s rotating elbow joint and lightweight design allow you to change positions throughout the night. The mask stays securely in place whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach.

9. Works with Any CPAP Machine

The N30 mask is compatible with most CPAP machines and can easily connect with the included tubing. The innovative mask works seamlessly with any brand or model of CPAP device.

10. Comes in Multiple Sizes

To ensure a proper fit, the N30 mask comes in various sizes, from petite to large. Your sleep specialist can help determine the size N30 based on your facial structure and features.

Design Features for Side Sleepers

Many CPAP wearers prefer sleeping on their side. The N30 mask is engineered with side sleepers in mind and includes design elements to prevent mask leaks when sleeping on your side.

1. Low-Profile Cushion

The narrow, contoured cushion hugs the underside of the nose without protruding outward. This prevents the cushion from being displaced when pressing your face into a pillow.

2. Flexible Tubing Connection

The tubing attaches at the top of the head with a rotating ball joint that moves freely. If you change positions at night, this flexible connection prevents tugging or pulling off the mask.

3. Adjustable Headgear

The slip-on headgear can be easily tightened or loosened to maintain a secure seal when lying on your side. The soft fabric stays comfortably in place all night.

4. Cushion Material and Shape

The rounded, tapered shape and smooth silicone cushion material minimize friction against pillows. The cushion retains its shape and springs back if compressed on a pillow to reduce leaks.

Convenient Design for Travel

Frequent travellers will appreciate the easy portability of the N30 mask. Compact and lightweight, the N30 is designed for life on the go.

  • Carrying Case

The mask comes with a protective travel bag to keep it clean and safe during transit. The bag makes packing and unpacking a breeze.

  • Quick Disassembly

All mask components can be removed and reassembled in seconds for hassle-free storage and transport. No special tools or complicated disassembly is required.

  • Durable Materials

The mask is constructed from durable polymers that resist breakage during travel. The sturdy yet flexible materials always regain their shape after packing.

  • Minimal Parts

With just a few main components, the N30 mask contains the fewest pieces possible for straightforward use, cleaning, and transport.

So, if you are looking for an exceptionally lightweight, comfortable, and convenient CPAP mask, give the innovative N30 a try. It’s designed to discreetly and successfully fit CPAP therapy into your lifestyle.


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