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Exploring the Different Types of Electric Dab Rigs

Exploring the Different Types of Electric Dab Rigs, Portable Dab Rigs

Finding the perfect dab rig for your needs can be an intimidating task. There are several factors to consider to help make your decision.

For starters, look for a rig with water filtration. This feature helps cool down the vapor, making it easier on your lungs. It’s also worth looking for a rig with percolators.

 Different Types of Electric Dab Rigs

1. Big Dab Rigs

There are a few key components that make up an electric dab rig. The first is the electric dab rig itself, a glass piece designed to contain water that serves two purposes: one, it filters the vapor from your concentrate, and two, it cools down the vapor so you can inhale more efficiently. The second component is the banger, which sits atop the joint and is heated to turn your concentrate into vapor.

There is also the option of using an e-nail, a great alternative to a torch for those who want an all-in-one device that is both portable and effective. These offer a wide range of temperature settings for an optimal experience.

The last option is a recycler dab rig, which provides a larger experience for those who enjoy large hits and flavorful terpenes. The beauty of this rig style is that it looks like any other glass piece except that it has added functionality. 

2. E-Rigs

E-rigs are a modern version of the dab rig that uses an electric heating element to vaporize your concentrate. They are typically small and have a glass body resembling a traditional rig. The base of the rig houses the battery that powers the electric device.

Unlike the classic rig that uses a nail and torch, e-rigs have an electric heating element that can be controlled at the push of a button. This allows for precision in the timing and temperature of a hit that can lead to great flavor and intensity without any risk of accidentally setting yourself on fire.

Most e-rigs, have multiple heat settings that allow users to customize their experience. Most e-rigs also come with a water function that cools the smoke and helps make for a smoother hit. 

3. Small Dab Rigs

The best dab rig for beginners is an E-rig. E-rigs have an internal temperature control sensor that regulates the heat of your dab and keeps it from getting too hot. This helps preserve delicate terpenes and allows you to take big dabs.

Most E-rigs are battery-powered and work by sending electricity to a heating element that wraps around a banger, where you insert your concentrate. This type of dab rig is a great choice for those new to dabbing because it doesn’t require butane or torch and is more portable than a traditional glass rig.

Some E-rigs also have a user app that gives you more control over the device. You can change heat settings, how long you want the E-rig to stay on, aesthetic LED light changes, and more. These advanced features add to the price but are worth the extra cost for their convenience and portability.

4. Portable Dab Rigs

Unlike a traditional rig often made from glass, portable dab rigs use an electric coil and quartz nail to create vapor from concentrates. They’re small, compact, and convenient to carry around with you on the go.

Many of these devices have varying temperature settings that you can adjust with buttons or an app. This allows you to customize your experience based on the concentrate you’re using and how you like it to taste.

When shopping for an E-rig, look for one with a long battery life and an easy-to-clean design. A too-small rig can be hard to clean, and cheaper models tend to have gaps where unwanted residue can collect over time. Ensure you also check a device’s warranty and customer service before buying it. You want to avoid ending up with a malfunctioning piece you can’t return!

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