Everything You Need To Know About The Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Process


Do you want an alternative to increase your breast size naturally? Breast augmentation could be the deal for you; it is a modern new-age technique that enhances your breast size by reusing your own body fats to augment your breast. It’s an appealing option for those who wish for a subtle increase in breast size, and a natural look and feel.

The whole process basically works in two main ways: reduction of excess fat from one part of your body and then injecting back the same fat into your breasts. This is an excellent way to really reshape your body, losing in areas that have too much fat while enhancing your bust line. 

Are You a Good Candidate? 

Fat transfer breast augmentation is not best for everybody, instead it best works for persons who have a modest increase in breast size in mind and have excess fat in other places of the body.  As we have briefly mentioned, this consists of two parts: first, the doctor takes off fat from the “problem zones” in the body—like the belly or thighs—through a liposuction procedure. Second, after “the preparation” of this fat, it is injected into your breast so that it becomes bigger and better-shaped.


Your surgeon will assess being a suitable candidate before the operation. The general health, the shape of the breasts, and the place where fat can be taken are checked. Follow through with any advice given, such as stopping some medications or keeping your weight stable.

What Happens During the Procedure? 

A fat transfer breast augmentation is done under local anesthesia, so you wouldn’t feel any pain. Depending on how much fat is going to be moved, it could take a few hours. The doctor puts that fat in your breasts a bit at a time, so it makes them look as natural as possible. They aim for symmetry and a natural feel, so it doesn’t just look good but feels right too.

After the Surgery: Recovery and Results

Recovery won’t be too painful; you’ll need downtime, though. You can count on small bruises and swellings both in areas where fat was taken and in areas where it was grafted. Most people are back to their routine in about a week but save any heavy lifting or intense workouts for later. Changes are seen right away, but the final look takes place after the swelling goes down. That’s when you can truly enjoy the new you.

Wrapping It Up 

It is purely a personal decision when deciding on fat transfer breast augmentation. While there’s often no worry about how the body will react, as this is not a foreign object like traditional implants, it has to be noted that, with time, your body might absorb some of the transplanted fat, hence leading to the area reducing in size a bit. Your surgeon, of course, would discuss this with you so that you will know what to expect. 

If you are considering this option, speak to a well-versed plastic surgeon. The surgeon can guide you through the process, from preparation to recovery, ensuring you’re happy with your decision.

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