Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extension Length

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Hair extensions have grown in popularity lately. And it’s not just for those experiencing hair loss or hair-related issues, but for every woman who loves to experiment with unique hairstyles. If you lack sufficient hair volume, length, and thickness, you should give hair extensions a shot. These can be customized to your individual requirements. 

Hair extensions are available in tons of colors, textures, lengths, and thicknesses, each catering to your varying requirements. An important question people often ask about hair extensions is: what length is ideal? Obviously, you can choose your desired length, but it’s important to consult a hairstylist to know what different hair lengths mean for your look and which one will best suit you. In this hair extensions length guide, we will discuss all you should know about ideal extension length. 

What’s the Minimum Hair Extension Length?

If you like short hair, it’s advisable to keep the length at least 6-7 inches, as that’s the ideal minimum extension length. If your extensions are shorter than that, those short strands won’t be able to blend in with your natural hair and might look unrealistic. 

That’s because longer strands are designed to conceal the attachment points, thus ensuring that the base isn’t visible as you secure it to your scalp. If you have short curls and would like to keep the extensions short to prevent excess weight on your head, consider getting extensions 4 cm longer than your original hair. If you can handle a little extra weight, go for the medium-length extensions of around 45–50 cm.

Let’s understand the different hair lengths so you can have a better idea of how long your hair strands will go. 

Different Extension Lengths

Depending on why you are wearing extensions, it’s advisable to have at least 10 inches in length to hide a bad haircut or prevent the attachment points from being visible. Usually, the manufacturer or the hair stylist will give you a hair length chart that shows different hair lengths. Then again, the hair length could vary depending on the hair texture. For instance, straight hair is generally longer than curls and waves

Let’s take an example of hair extensions of 12 inches. If your hair type is straight, 12 inches means shoulder-length hair. For those with wavy hair, the hair must be chin-length and for those with curls, the hair must fall right below the ear. Likewise, 26 inches of hair extensions will end at the tailbone if you have straight hair, the lower back if you have a wavy texture, and the midback if you have curls. 

Most women prefer waist-length extensions, which are 20 inches long (straight hair). The maximum hair length for extensions is around 32 inches, but some can be as long as 40 inches. It’s best to go through the hair length extension chart to know the exact length of your hair and where exactly it will fall after you are done attaching it.

If you want a good length but not below your waist, consider getting 22 inch Tape-in hair extensions. For straight and wavy hair types, the hair will fall right at the lower back, and for curly hair, it will be mid-back. If you want medium length, 20 inches is perfect. The length will reach mid-back for straight hair, shoulder blades for wavy hair, and your bra strap for curly hair. 

Your hairstylist will help you select the perfect extensions depending on your existing hair length, your goals, and the types of hairstyles you prefer. Other than the length, you get to pick the hair type, color, and texture. If you want to experiment with curls, remember that the length is probably shorter compared to straight and wavy hair types. So choose accordingly. You can also get your hair dyed, straightened or curled for different occasions. That’s the beauty of extensions. You can dye them as often as you want and use different hairstyling appliances to keep them looking cool.

How to Choose the Right Hair Extension Length?

The ideal extension length can vary from person to person. The same length extension tends to look different for every individual. It mostly depends on how tall you are and the length of your biological hair. These tips will help you find a suitable hair extension length.

  • Your Height: This one is obvious. Extensions with a length of 18 inches will reach the waistline, while the same on a tall girl would not cross the shoulder blades. So, always choose extensions that align with your height.
  • Hair Texture: We’ve mentioned it before. Hair texture has a significant impact on your hair extension length. Usually, straight hair is used for measuring the extension’s length in general. So, if you are considering wavy or curly hair, you must order 2 inches (wavy) and 4 inches (curly) longer than the length you need.
  • Type: Extensions come in tape-in and wefted types. If you choose the latter, you will lose approx 2–3 inches of length. If you choose tape-in, you will probably lose 1 inch of length when installing it on your scalp.
  • Styling: Lastly, how you’d like to style your hair plays a significant role in determining an ideal hair length for your extensions. Some people buy extensions just to add volume to their hair and cover the bald patches where there’s visible hair thinning. Others might want long hair for braids, sleek long ponytails, and other hairstyles that require good length. So, depending on your needs, choose a length that fits your styling preference. Ideally, you should get extensions that are 2-3 inches longer than your biological hair. 


Your hair extensions should feel right and comfortable. So, you must always try them before ordering. It’s best to visit your hairstylist and take a look at the hair extension length chart to make the right choice. Always consider your height, styling preferences, and other requirements before choosing extensions. Remember, the hair texture also affects the length. Follow the above tips to find the best extension length.

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