15 Beautiful Eco-Friendly Gifts for Her

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Do you wish to give the angel in your life a charming experience without hampering the environment around you?

Well, as the saying goes “love is a beautiful thing”, Giving her gifts is one of the sweetest ways to make her feel loved, cherished, and important, and having in mind the kind of gifts that will not endanger the environment is a million-dollar decision to make.

Regardless of the position of “her” in your life—it might be your sister, girlfriend, or even your mother depending on your choice of gifting—the most important thing is the aftermath of your decision for those concerned and the surroundings.

You need to be conscious of the environment when trying to make your loved one happy. Lots of gifts mostly come packaged in plastic and/or other inorganic wrappings that become quite disturbing after the main contents are presented.

The main contents are not exempt from proper scrutiny and consideration. So, you need to ask yourself how eco-friendly these gifts are before trying to make a purchase. It is the best way to avoid and reduce hazardous effects like pollution caused by inorganic agents.

Why Should I Give Her an Eco-Friendly Gift?

It is important to note that, in order to advance in our everyday dealings, there are actions that can damage or deprive us of the goodness we enjoy. Sustainable gifts are those that help promote a future that is more sustainable for each and every one of us and the world we live in at large. Sustainability is a duty that should be handled with great importance by and for everyone.

If the one who is special in your life has the utmost belief in preserving our world and elevating an environmentally conscious lifestyle, getting her an environmentally friendly gift will surely make her day great and lovely.

The act of giving your beloved proper eco-friendly gifts will definitely enhance their attitude towards living a sustainable lifestyle.

In this article, you will be given a helping hand on valuable options, opinions, and ideas that will be helpful in your journey to make accolade-worthy decisions that will not only be stepwise in relation to her happiness but to the society that you live in as you prioritize environmental concern too. Here are some eco-friendly gifts for her.

15 Eco-friendly Gifts for Her

1. A Hand thrown Mug from Lohtu Ceramics

This is one of the best eco-friendly gifts you can give your loved ones. These mugs are thoroughly and specially handcrafted, as opposed to being produced in mass, making each one distinctive and unparalleled.

Additionally, they are coated with a lead-free glaze, ensuring their safety and quality. If, paradventure, you are looking for a nice and eco-friendly gift to give to your loved one, it is arguably a great option to put into consideration.

2. Turkish Rug from the Turkish Rug Empire

This timeless Turkish rug is an adorable option that comes to mind when it comes to making up ideas or suggestions on what to give her that is friendly to the environment. One thing that makes this Turkish rug stand out is its durability and sustainability.

So, you will not have to burden yourself with unnecessary worry, as you will be the one to grow tired of this classic rug. Its strength is its ability to withstand the test of time. Giving it a chance won’t be a bad idea at all.

3. Second-hand Books from Thrift Stores

Eco Friendly Gifts for Her

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If you wonder if your partner has a great appetite for reading books, then you might want to try getting acquainted with thrift books.

It is really a great and invaluable option when it comes to buying collectibles and second-hand books. You might not want to miss out on their offers, which are superbly engaging and endearing.

4. A Succulent Gift Box from Natural Succulents

This gift box might quench her hidden desire for the right eco-friendly items. It is a very nice gift box that is totally friendly to the environment. The way and manner in which it is packaged suggest that it can be recycled and reused. You don’t have to hesitate to bring joy to her face.

5. Round Wood Plates from Kiwimana

You can take your affection beyond the ordinary level by bringing this product of nature closer to your beloved. This adorable wooden plate embodies what environmental friendliness is all about. Due to how it is made, which is by hand, this product of nature is of rare quality.

The fact that they are made from wood suggests that they are totally free from any form of chemicals, plastics, or other toxic substances that can affect the environment negatively. It also demands that you have good knowledge of how to handle it.

6. Vintage Trench Coat from Forrest and Groves

This timeless trench coat is what each and every woman out there should have in their possession. This classic trench coat can be used for various purposes, and you can take it along with you while on vacation.

When you patronize them, you are not only buying a timeless piece but also helping to preserve the planet. As you are fully aware, the planet is all we’ve got, and making decisions that ensure its safety is an act of being thoughtful and selfless.

7. Milk and Honey Goat Milk Soap from Pretty Farmgirl

It is a well-known fact that both goat milk and honey are known to be popular items that are sustainable in self-nurturing and elegance. You might want to try this astonishing milk and honey soap that makes use of the conscientious obtaining of goat’s milk and honey, which are both raw from community-based sources. You have to worry yourself about whether it has palm oil or fragrance, because the answer is no! It doesn’t.

8. Ethique Shampoo with Zero Plastic Waste

When you consider giving gifts that are environmentally friendly, this might be a valid option for her. Getting rid of plastic waste en masse while manufacturing or rendering products that are made from ingredients that are effective and natural, that are also sourced ethically and are totally sustainable is their goal.

Ethique Shampoo bases its delivery on friendliness and sustainability for the environment. This singular act makes it a plausible product for customers who are conscious of their surroundings.  This is a brilliant Eco-friendly gift for her.

9. French Lavender Sleep Spray from Meadowlark Botanical

This sleep spray is totally organic and free from bisphenol A, an artificial compound that is commonly used in the production of plastics and resins. This factor echoes the friendliness of this sleep spray to the body and environment in general.

It will help make sure you sleep at night. Lavender is an important oil for relaxation, and it will make you feel the essence of its usage alongside the overwhelming experience of using a product that is friendly to the environment. Well, it is important to note that kids are not exempt from this sleep spray.

 10. Organic Cotton Hair Ties From Hippie Monkey

As we all know, a higher percentage of girls and women with long hair use a hair tie, but most of the hair ties we see around us are mostly made out of plastic, which is quite bad.

This naturally sourced hair tie is not only friendly to the environment and has nothing to do with plastics, but also has nothing to do with animal-related constituents. You might want to consider this if she has long hair.

11. Stainless Steel Water Bottle


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If your partner is the type of person who is considerate of the environment she lives in, it means she is in a war against the indiscriminate disposal of plastic waste as well as the usage of products made out of plastic.

Getting her a stainless-steel water bottle is not a bad idea, as it is a deserving, sustainable gift one needs or can give a beloved. If we can consider reducing our patronage of products that are made out of plastic, it will go a long way in ensuring and enhancing a livable and healthy environment for everyone.

12. Reusable Coffee Cups


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In order for us to have an environment that is free from hazards that emanate from pollution, which is caused by the disposal of used items that are not degradable, putting a stop to using coffee cups that are disposable is a thoughtful way to start. If she enjoys coffee, consider giving her a pristine, environmentally friendly tumbler.

Their goal is to create an affordable, sustainable, and exclusive alternative to products that are entirely plastic-based and disposable. Taking it with you to your favorite spot is not a bad idea, for it’s environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

13. Pela Case

Pela cases are special eco-friendly gifts for her and honestly, she will love them. Gifting her a Pela phone case is a nice idea, as many people who are eco-friendly consider patronizing it one of the best environmentally friendly decisions to make.

It is basically made from organic sources and recycled materials. It is pertinent to note that they come in designs that are astonishing and unique. It is really a great idea from this particular brand. This replacement for plastic or inorganically sourced products will go a long way toward enhancing a sustainable environment for all in the long run.

14. Organic Leggings from Una Pluma

This vintage pair of leggings is quite a valuable option to consider for her. It is not only suitable to wear when she’s at home but also endures the test of time. It is packaged with materials that are friendly to the environment and that can also be recycled.

If you want to know a little more about Una Pluma, it is important to note that its manufacturers are in Nepal and it is in partnership with Fair Trade.

15. Cork Tote Handbag from Cork Culture USA

This unique tote bag is really a nice eco-friendly gift that you can give her. Cork is an exemplary moral material that does not contain any toxic substances and is quite sustainable, which is a very important factor to consider. This unique tote bag can be used for various purposes and is also an invariably environmentally friendly idea for gifting. She can shop at the grocery store with it, and she can even consider it for a beach bag.


In conclusion, a sustainable environment is everyone’s business. If we hope to thrive in a really nice and livable environment devoid of pollution and other environmental hazards, making the fight our responsibility and duty will help in shaping our ways of living and that of our environment at large.

I hope you find this article on “eco-friendly gifts for her” helpful and resourceful. If so, it behooves you to make choices that suit your needs. So, while you’re trying to safeguard your relationship with your beloved with environmentally friendly gifts, try to get one for yourself too. You deserve it!

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