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Does Creative Suite Offer Free Personal and Commercial Templates?

Creative Suite Offer

Many people rely on templates to make amazing content for their websites, blogs, and for any personal or commercial use. These ready-made templates help a person complete the given task in a much more creative and sophisticated way.

By using these templates, a person doesn’t need to worry about the design process; all he needs to do is choose a template. Then, he can edit this template as per his needs and share it anywhere for any purpose. However, the issue is that many of these templates are paid for, which everyone can’t afford to pay for.

Therefore, look for an editor that offers personal and commercial templates for free, such as the CapCut creative suite. This suite doesn’t offer a great variety of impressive templates for free but also allows you to download them without watermarks. In addition, there is an online photo editor and an online video editor where you can edit these templates further if needed. So, let’s learn about this incredible online creative Suite here so that it may benefit you in the future.

How Does Creative Suite Benefit You?

Using the creative suite can benefit you in so many ways for transforming dramatic photos and videos. Here are some of its more prevalent benefits that you can enjoy while using this incredible suite online.

●    Online Video Editor

It brings an online video editor that you can use to transform your ordinary and simple videos into professional ones. Not only expert editors can make videos that go viral but you can do it as well. Even if you don’t have any skills, this incredible video editor automates all the editing processes for you.

For example, let’s suppose that you want to change the background of your video. All you need to do is to just click on the remove or change background button and it will do it for you. Similarly, you can use this editor to generate auto-captions, add transitions, text effects, video filters, and much more!

●    Online Photo Editor

Just like a video editor, you can also enjoy transforming your photos with this online photo editor. It also brings lots of automatic AI-based features for you that require no skill or expert knowledge to use. Whenever you click on any of the photo editing features, the editor will process the changes automatically for you.

For example, you can not only change the background of your photo but also remove it with one click. Similarly, you can generate a variety of relevant color palettes and choose the best one among them for your photos. This editor also allows you to add stickers, text effects, shapes, frames, or other editing features to photos.

●    Watermark Free Photos and Videos

Moreover, you can enjoy using watermark-free photos and videos from this Creative Suite on your device. You don’t need to pay to make watermark-free downloads. Instead, it is a free Creative Suite for all people around the world, regardless of their country, nationality, or anything else.

●    No Cost

Just like this Creative Suite doesn’t take any payments for downloading content without a watermark, it also offers all other features for free. For example, you can create an account here for free without even sharing your financial information on the sign-up form. Similarly, you can use all the photo or video editing premium tools for free without paying anything. Hence, it saves you money and enables you to enjoy amazing transformations without spending money.

●    Cloud Backup

Additionally, it also offers a cloud backup that you can use to save all your transformed photos or videos. In this way, they can never be misplaced and you can easily access and use them at any time. Moreover, this cloud backup helps you save your photos online while keeping your device’s memory unoccupied and free.

●    Effective File Management with Team Collaboration

This Creative Suite allows you to effectively manage your files and share them with your team. You can invite any members of your office or college team to this suite and share your videos as presentations. You can ask them to review your work along with reviewing their photos or videos yourself by using this suite.

●    Simplify Workflow

Similarly, this creative suite also simplifies the work by offering lots of free-to-use magic tools. For example, you can use video upscaler, free color correction, a free video compressor, photo restoration, and much more here. All of these tools process all the changes themselves while leaving you stress-free.

●    Free Templates

There are also several free templates, i.e., personal and commercial, to choose from. There is no premium template for which you have to make a payment to use it. Instead, all of its templates, even the premium ones, are free to use.

●    Safe and Secure

Last but not least, this incredible Creative Suite is a safe and secure place to edit and transform your photos. There is no risk to the privacy and security of your photos, videos, or confidential data. So, feel free to use it for your photos and videos and transform them into masterpieces.

Creative Suite User Guide For Beginners

Are you looking for a user guide to start using this amazing suite? Fortunately, there are no complex or lengthy steps to transform your photos and videos using this Creative Suite. Instead, here are only four simple steps to using this amazing suite.

●    Step 1: Create Your Account

By using the CapCut Creative Suite site,, sign up for free. Use the signup button and create your account. Click on the sign-in button on top of your screen and log in to the account you created.

●    Step 2: Upload

Go to the editor and click on the upload button to upload your photo or video to the editor. You can also use the drag-and-drop option to do so or upload it manually here.

Creative Suite Offer

●    Step 3: Make Wonderful Edits

Now, click on different features to edit your photo or video. For example, you can add text to them and use different text effects to highlight them. There are also transitions, captions, and audio/soundtrack options to add to your photos and videos. Similarly, you can add different clips to this editor to join them into one track and edit it further. You can also make color adjustments and add other elements, shapes, and frames. There are also options to remove the background from your photos and videos.

●    Step 4: Time to Export!

Now, click on the export button and navigate to the download option. By clicking on download, your edited video or photo will be saved to your device. Now you can share it from here to any other place you want or even save it to your cloud for backup.


Stop paying for expensive personal, professional, or commercial-level templates to use in your videos or photos. Instead, let’s start using this amazing Creative Suite by CapCut, which offers you an extensively beautiful variety of these templates. These templates in this Creative Suite are not only free to use but are also free to download without any logo or watermark on them. Later, you can place your name or your watermark on your photos or videos if you want. So, take advantage of this opportunity and start making surprising content through the use of the templates.

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