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Do Guys Like Flowers? 

Do guys like flowers?

Wow! This is an introspective question, one that is rarely asked because of preconceived notions about the giving and receiving of flowers.

For decades and centuries, people have made giving and receiving flowers a gender thing, when it’s really not. We have been raised to believe that guys are the rightful givers of flowers, while ladies are the receivers. Both guys and ladies are good at picking the right flowers for a person or an occasion, yet flowers are mainly considered a female thing.

Well, it’s the 21st century and times have changed, even though I highly doubt that flowers have been a female thing in the past. According to research, flowers were used in some geographical locations in the past by both men and women as a means of communication to convey messages and express feelings to one another.

So the answer is yes, guys like flowers. It may not feel so because they don’t receive flowers as much as ladies do. You should try it sometime and get an answer for yourself.

Do guys like flowers? Answers from the horse’s mouth

Let’s quickly have a rundown of what a few guys think about receiving flowers.

  • Tony 17 says, “I don’t know but I guess I won’t reject flowers as a gift. It is a very thoughtful gift and I’d appreciate it very much”
  • Sade 25 recounts, “My bestie was a flower person. She’s the first person in my life who has given me flowers; she’s always on about how the kind of flowers she gives me define my personality, and so on. I loved it—the gesture, the love. She inspired my love for plants.”
  • Jules, 28, said, “My fiancé got me flowers on Valentine’s Day. She said she’s returning my gesture, whatever that means. I must confess, I was caught off guard but I received it with a smile.”
  • Polo 62 says, “my granddaughter and I were walking one evening, she stretched out her hands to pluck a flower by the way and handed it to me”, saying, “dada, I got you flowers” in an adorable way. “I was shocked but touched. That’s one of the most sincere gifts I’ve received.”
  • Gorge, 30 related thus, my wife sends me flowers on our anniversary every year. So yes, no matter how weird it seems, I’m one of the guys that love flowers.”
  • Tolu, 16 says, “I love flowers; I grew up with them because my mom is a florist. Though I’ve not received flowers from a girl before, I love gardening them.”
  • Johnson 45 says, “It felt a little unusual because we all know guys do not receive flowers; they give them. Nonetheless, I was glad and took it with a smile.”
  • Palsa, 20 says, “I’ve never been given flowers before but I think I would love it. I’m a huge fan of receiving thoughtful gifts, no matter how weird they might be.”

What it means to give a man flowers

Flowers are one of the most male or female stereotyped gifts, while women are one to uphold lots of stereotypes. For some men, receiving flowers can be seen as weird but it’s slowly becoming normal because, well, we’re in the 21st century! Flowers are really thoughtful gifts that anyone receiving them should appreciate with a smile.

Studies show that guys who receive flowers are likely to be more open to communication with their friends or partners. Gifting a man flowers can change his view of the practice if he was one to adhere to stereotypes. It can make a man feel loved, seen and appreciated.

It brings out a certain vulnerability in men. Though they may feel uncomfortable for a moment because they assume flowers are not for men, in their hearts and minds, there’s a shift in their perception of you, and they may actually come to accept the reversed role.

Finally, gifting a man flowers shows you are bold and willing to end the perception of flowers as a female thing. A guy who receives flowers from your hand will not forget you. This is because giving a guy flowers is not a common gesture; you are likely the only one to have done that, and you’ll always be remembered.

Do guys like flowers; 8 reasons you should give a guy flowers

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Daring to break the norm or tradition to give a guy flowers is a really sweet gesture. At times, it’s cool to do something different for a change and sending flowers to a guy is a great idea.

Therefore, when choosing flowers for a guy, you should pay attention to the settings, arrangements and color.

Here are some reasons why you should give a guy flowers.

1. To make him smile

Life is filled with ups and downs. A flower can brighten up anyone’s day and guys are no exception. You can buy a bouquet of sunflowers; they are happy flowers that can boost a sad mood and make him smile.

2. To show appreciation

In a bid to show appreciation to a guy who has been there for you through thick and thin, whether he’s a romantic partner or not, try giving him flowers and watching his reaction.

3. To see his reaction or response

It’s good to give a guy you love surprises once in a while. This time, try buying him a bouquet of flowers just to see his reaction. You can even record it on your camera as part of the fun.

4. To express your love

Guys love roses. I’ve come across guys who really love roses. A rose is a symbol of fierce, unending love. You can add a single rose as a touch, alongside other gifts you bought for him. He’d be delighted.

5. To convey a message

In the past, people gave flowers to convey a message. You can do that for fun. Give him a particular flower and have him look up its meaning. Then watch how glad it would make him.

For instance, you can give him a daisy after your marriage ceremony. A daisy means new beginnings; it shows that you’re ready to start a new life with him by your side.

6. To show condolences

A single flower to show your condolences to him on a sad occasion would help him feel comfortable and understood. You can check online or at a florist shop for possible flowers to give as a condolence message.

7. To apologize

You can turn the tables around and give him a flower as an apology. Choose flowers that symbolize what you want to tell him.

8. On special occasions like an anniversary, birthday or a ceremony

Flowers are important on all occasions, be it a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any other celebration. This is the time your constant phrase “he deserves his flowers” needs to materialize. Show him how much you adore his work, how talented he is, and how much success he’s achieved. This is the time to shower all your praise and congratulations with a bouquet of flowers made just for him.


If you are a guy reading this article, do you like flowers? If yes, why? If no, why not? Have you ever received flowers? If yes, how did you feel? If not, do you look forward to it?




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