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Designing an ADHD-Friendly Workspace to Boost Focus

Designing an ADHD, Designing an ADHD-Friendly Workspace to Boost Focus

Sitting down and actually focusing on a single task you need to get done can be a challenge for anyone sometimes, but it’s more of a daily struggle for people affected by ADHD. This condition can prevent you from being productive and efficient; this is why it’s important to address and manage the symptoms on a daily basis if you want to achieve your goals.

While there are countless apps, tools, and techniques to help you maintain your focus, you still might have trouble getting the job done unless your workplace supports you and allows you to be flexible during working hours. People with ADHD don’t respond well to feeling limited; that’s why the space where they get work done should be accommodated to their needs.


Creating the optimal environment is crucial for individuals with ADHD. Consider investing in essential equipment like a standing desk, under-desk treadmill, or ergonomic chair to enhance their comfort and productivity. For those working from home, exploring an ADHD coworking platform could be beneficial, providing an opportunity to collaborate with others and boost motivation. This tailored approach to designing the right environment, coupled with appropriate tools, ensures a conducive setting for focused and efficient work.

Noise Management

The difficulty of focusing might come in many shapes and forms: some people need complete silence to be productive, and others can hardly function without some kind of outside noise. Accommodating all of these different people can be challenging if you’re trying to design an inclusive workplace.

It’s easy to get overstimulated when there’s a lot of social interaction around you. This is why noise-cancelling headphones are a must-have, so your employees can feel a little relief from the buzz if needed. Design quiet rooms that people will only occupy if they need complete silence and where conversations will be limited.

It’s also said that so-called “white noise” can increase your productivity by helping you maintain concentration, so it might be a good idea to provide it as background noise to limit distractions.


Research suggests that people with ADHD often experience light sensitivity. This is why the correct lighting can actually work wonders for someone with executive dysfunction.

Firstly, never underestimate the power of natural lighting. If possible, it should always be your first choice. However, for a large space, you will definitely need to incorporate artificial lights, and there are some details you need to consider while setting them up.

Lights need the correct placement so they neither strain your eyes nor cause glare on screens. Therefore, brightness must also be appropriately adjusted to make it less distracting and overstimulating. Adjustable lamps will be a great addition to your workplace, allowing your employees to choose their preferred arrangements.

Take Regular Breaks

People with ADHD might have trouble focusing on a single task for a long time. That’s why it can be of help to give them the ability to switch up what they’re doing for a couple of minutes and get back to their tasks later. It’s no news that stepping away from your desk and unwinding a little is beneficial for your productivity levels.

As you can see, appropriately designed break spaces are just as important for efficiency as the rooms where the work gets done. Make sure to provide different spaces that can accommodate everyone’s needs, from quiet break rooms to ones where people can interact or even spend a little physical energy.


Getting through everyday tasks is a challenge enough for a person affected by attention deficit disorder. This is why it’s partly the employer’s job to provide a space that fosters productivity.

Since it’s impossible to design a “one-size-fits-all” workplace for so many different people, the most important and beneficial thing you can do is provide the freedom of choice—your employees should be able to determine the type of space and stimulation that works best for them. We can guarantee that following the tips provided in this article will increase the efficiency of your whole workplace.


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