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Day 7 Of No Contact, What Is He Thinking?

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It has been 7 days of no contact since you broke up with your ex or he broke up with you. And you are curious as to what he is thinking during this time.

Your wandering mind has left you wondering, What is he thinking?  Is he thinking of me? Has he moved on already? Does he regret leaving me? Or is he happy and okay with our breakup?

Honestly, these questions and thoughts are inevitable, and they come from a deep place of hurt, pain, fear, and uncertainty about how to move on and get your life back on track.

Which is why your worst-case scenario is you deciding to go on a ‘get my ex back’ hunt by trying to reach out first. Your first instinct may be to go after him and beg him for another chance (depending on who initiated the breakup). But should you do that? Of course not!

Two main factors pose an answer to the question, Day 7 of no contact, what is he thinking?’

The first factor depends on how the relationship was before the breakup. The second factor depends on your ex’s personality.

For instance, if the relationship was toxic, you were cheated, abused, and taken on silently till you could take no more and decided to end things. On the other hand, you were at fault, or he just felt like dumping you (people do that), and he initiated the breakup.

The way and manner in which the breakup happened have a lot to say about whether he’ll be thinking about you at all or not. If you both ended up saying mean words to each other or got entangled in abuse of any sort, he’ll definitely be thinking about you, especially if you were the one who ended things. Or he’ll have mixed feelings about you, sometimes glad that it’s all over and other times wishing it wasn’t.

You both need this period to heal and get over the past hurts, no matter what. It will help you figure out your life and process your situation. When you are newly out of a relationship, it is difficult to think straight because you are more emotional. So if you choose to make massive decisions at that point, things may end up going south.

However, if you still intend to keep no contact but your main thought is on your ex and you still fret whether he is thinking about you after day 7 of no contact, then you should keep on with this article; there is more for you.

Day 7 of no contact—what is he thinking?


He’s a guy; of course you don’t expect him to be crying his eyes out and using up a box of tissues, but he is occasionally thinking about you and wondering what you are up to, even if the relationship ended on bad terms.

Studies have repeatedly shown that men are wired differently from women, and that includes how they deal with breakups.

Let’s quickly establish the fact that men are the exact definition of ‘you do not know what you have till you lose it.

Why? Because after a breakup, they may be sad and depressed, but they rarely acknowledge such sadness because they will be too busy trying to get on with life, unlike women, who sometimes pause and let life go by for a few days before trying to move on. In that split time, he hasn’t realized what he has lost, so it may seem he is no longer interested.

At first, he will feel relieved that the breakup happened, but relief is not the solution, and neither is immediate rebounding.

Because it is only after the whole flex and rebound wears off that he will have to face the fact that once upon a time, he had something going on with you. In the meantime, his mind is elsewhere, but once that phase is over, you invade his thoughts, and different emotions begin to surface.

However, several studies have shown that unlike women, this realization takes time—not weeks but months.

If he’s an empathic person who understands people, he may feel a bit guilty and wish he hadn’t acted in a certain way that hurt you.

But if he reacts poorly to emotions, then his way of thinking is still myopic. And such a person is not willing to change unless something forces him to see things from your point of view.

Sadly, it’s only day 7, so he isn’t thinking much yet. But by the time he starts thinking, he also starts reacting.

First, his emotions get awakened, and he misses you, but because you don’t stay in contact, he is left in suspense and becomes confused.

Then comes fear. He may not show it, as is common to men, but deep down he nurses this deep fear that you may never come back. This factor also depends on how well or poorly the relationship ended.

From fear comes regret; he wished he had reached out sooner rather than let things reach this level. And if you seem to have moved on, he becomes jealous.

These are the signs that the no-contact rule is working.

All these emotions will result in two things: It will either push him to seek you out and clear up misunderstandings or move past it and get on with a new relationship.

Let’s take on each stage of his emotion after day 7 of no contact

Stage 1: He is confused because he might have been expecting you to text, call, or even stalk him on social media, or maybe show up at his place to seek him out. That’s what anyone would expect from you, but instead he got complete silence. Your action left him in suspense, so he doesn’t know where he stands at the moment.

Stage 2: He becomes afraid. The less you stay in contact, the more he wonders about what you’ve been up to, and he fears you’ve given up and really want the breakup to be permanent.

Stage 3: He feels regretful. After experiencing life alone for some time, or because his rebound lacked a trait you possess and admire, he starts missing your company and thinking maybe he made a mistake in breaking up with you.

Stage 4: He becomes jealous after going through the first three stages and realizes that you’ve moved on. If he accepts it, he also moves on; if not, he tries to get you back by reaching out to talk to you and clear things up.

So if you’re on day 7 of no contact and you can’t stop wondering what he’s thinking, you can start off with the thought that it is still early to expect him to reach out because he has not had enough time to process the breakup or reflect on things.

He’s not yet ready for the work that comes with analyzing himself enough to fix his relationship with you. That’s not your problem, so you should work on yourself and leave him to figure himself out.

If he realizes it early and you are still available, good for him. If not, you are better off apart, where you’re thriving.

So, it’s day 7 of no contact; stop wondering what he’s thinking and rechannel the energy. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but you have to.

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