Cost To Move A Car: 5 Cheapest Means To Move Your Car

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Moving a car from one place to another can be a very stressful and time-consuming task, considering the means of moving the car to the place one intends to move it to. The cost and time involved in sorting out how to move the car make it even more stressful.

In this article, we will take you through the factors that affect the cost to move a car, the best means of moving the car with ease, and how to also guarantee the safety of the car. In addition, we will also share useful tips to reduce the cost to move a car without breaking the bank.

Factors Affecting the Cost to Move a Car

The following are the factors that affect the cost of moving a car:

 1. Distance 

Distance is a key factor that affects the cost of moving a car. The farther the pickup location is from the delivery location, the more expensive the cost of moving a car becomes because of a lot of primary factors, like fuel cost, time spent toll, and levy.

The longer the distance, the more fuel is used in moving the car to the delivery location, which directly impacts the cost of the fuel. The cost of fueling also varies depending on the type of carrier and how the car was delivered, which can be by air, road, or water.

Time spent is also the primary factor that affects distance. Time spent affects the amount paid to a laborer; the more time spent getting to the delivery location, the more money will be paid to the labor involved in the delivery of the car.

When delivery is made by road, sometimes tolls are paid to move across some places, like bridges and highways. Levies are also paid when one uses other means of transportation to deliver a car. Distance affects whether a toll or levy will be paid or not; even if they are paid, it affects the amount.

2. Type of car

The cost of moving different types of cars varies depending on their weight, size, condition, and value.

A car with a high value will be more expensive to move to another location when compared to a car with a lower value because it requires careful movement because of its more expensive parts. One will not want to be damaged.

The condition of a car also plays a role in the cost of moving it. Cars with mechanical faults that cannot be driven will demand more time to set up for delivery. The size and weight of a car cannot be overlooked when considering the factors that affect the cost of moving a car. The bigger or heavier a car is, the higher the price to move it.

3. Means of moving a car

The means of moving or transporting a car also affect its cost. Using the air as a means of moving a car may ensure a fast delivery time, but it is still considered the most expensive way to move a car. Shipping a car by water is reliable and maybe cheaper when one uses shared shipping, but it is a slow means of transporting a car.

We all know cars can be moved by land, and that is the most conventional way of moving a car. Moving a car by road may be more popular, but when considering moving a car by rail, it may be the most cost-effective means of moving a car if the location of delivery is close to a train station.

4. Season of the year

Moving a car during seasons like summer and spring may be more expensive than moving a car during winter and fall because of demand. Demand during peak seasons like summer and spring may be high because of the wear and tear on different parts of a car. This is more common during seasons like these because of the high temperature compared to seasons like winter and fall, when few cars are driven on the road because of the low temperature.

It is also important to note that during seasons like winter and fall, the cost of moving a car may be more expensive than during seasons like summer and spring, when other factors like distance, snowstorms, ice roads, and availability are taken into consideration.

 5. Insurance

The cost of moving a car is an aspect of insurance. Before considering insurance as a means of lowering the cost of moving a car, it is important to know the level and type of insurance coverage because some car insurance covers the cost of moving a car while others don’t.

There are some factors that determine the cost of car insurance when moving a car from one place to another, like distance, type of carrier, and the value of the car.

Long delivery distances will equal more extensive coverage, which means the insurance premium will be higher.

The type of carrier used in moving a car will also affect the insurance premium. When an enclosed carrier is used, which guarantees the safety of one’s car, the insurance cost will be more expensive when compared to the cost of insurance when an open-air carrier is used, which offers less protection for one’s car.

The cost of car insurance premiums will also be high in high-end cars because of their expensive nature, which will demand adequate care so as not to damage their expensive parts when moving the car.

The Best Ways To Move A CAR

1. Drive the car yourself

In the event that one is relocating to another state and wants to move his car with him, it is cheaper to drive to your new location. If you are moving to a not-too-distant location, this is the cheapest, safest, and easiest way to move a car. If one is moving to a faraway location, it may be very stressful, depending on how far the journey is. Getting a friend or relative to help may also ease the stress.

2. Get a tow vehicle to move your car


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When moving across the state to a more distant location, getting a tow may be one of the most reliable ways to move a car. This is one of the most stress-free ways to move a car when compared to driving the car by yourself.

If you want to move your car by using a car moving company, it is important to do adequate research to weigh your options on pricing, location, availability, and reliability. These important factors should help you determine the cost of moving a car and the best car moving company to choose from.

3. Move your car by train

Moving a car by train may not be one of the most popular ways to move your car, but it is one of the best ways to move your car. The distance from the train station to the pick-up location is the most important factor to consider.

Even though moving a car by train is the cheapest means and cost to move a car, when the pick-up location of the car is far from the location, it may become very expensive. If you are in this situation, it is advisable to cancel it because of one possible way you should take it into consideration.

4. Move your car by ship or boat


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This option may be advisable when you are moving your car to a very distant location. It can only be used as a means to move your car if there is a water connection between the pick-up location and the delivery location.

The cost of moving a car by boat may be one of the most expensive ways to move a car, but it still remains one of the safest ways to move a car.

Tips To Get The Cheapest Cost To Move A Car

1.  Research car-moving companies in your areas

When planning to move a car to another location, it is important to do research on car-moving companies near you. Conducting adequate research to find the closest car-moving company is necessary to reduce the cost of moving a car. This research should include the cost the car-moving company charges to move a car, availability, reliability, and the company’s policies.

2. Compare the cost to move

It is certain that the cost of moving a car between the different car moving companies will vary. In order to reduce the cost of moving a car, you need to compare the prices of different car-moving companies near you. During this, it will ensure you get the cheapest price possible.

3.  Don’t move during peak time

Depending on the reason you are moving your car and when you are moving it, considering the season you move into when you plan to move your car will help reduce costs. Moving a car during the winter or fall is more advisable because other people consider moving during these seasons. This will make the demand for car moving companies low and also lower the cost of moving a car.

In conclusion, when planning to move your car to a new location, it is important to take note of factors that affect your plans for moving your car and the best way possible to move so as to guarantee the safety of your car. When on a budget, it is also important to know how to reduce the cost to move a car to make a proper budget.

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