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9 Common Jobs Hiring 17-Year-Olds With No Experience

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Can you remember the first job you ever did? Well, I can. I was 16 when I had my first job and it was as a nanny. I had no previous job experience, was out of school and needed a little cash to support myself. I also didn’t want to stay idle in an empty house, as everyone either went to work or school every morning.

There are so many factors that make kids go job hunting. Sometimes it might be to help out their family, make a little extra cash for personal spending, or learn how to make, handle and save money. Whatever the reasons, there are many teenagers out there looking for a job, especially 17-year-olds. 17-year-olds because labor laws in the country prohibit children under 16 from working full hours on a job and a 17-year-old is likely done with high school already.

17-year-olds have little or no experience at all and would definitely begin at entry-level jobs. This article makes a list of jobs hiring 17-year-olds with no experience and is recommended for all who are interested.

Jobs Hiring 17-Year-Olds With No Experience

1: Cashier

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A cashier is a person who works at the cash register and is one of the jobs that hires 17-year-olds with no experience. Every store has a cashier. The responsibilities of a cashier include scanning items purchased by customers, bagging those items, receiving customers’ payments, and giving change if necessary.

Sometimes, cashiers also perform additional roles like restocking shelves and cleaning the store, depending on how large the store is or the available number of customers.

The benefits of working as a cashier include gaining customer service skills and developing financial skills, which would be necessary for future endeavors.

2: Barista

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A barista works in coffee shops. The responsibilities of a barista include preparing customers food orders, making hot beverages for customers, operating the cash register and ensuring the shop is constantly restocked.

The benefits that can be derived from this role include acquiring customer service skills, developing financial skills, and becoming familiar with working in a fast-paced environment, which are all transferable to future jobs.

3: Retail Sales Associate

A retail sales associate works in retail stores. The responsibilities of the retail sales associate include receiving and attending to customers, answering their questions about the store’s products and services and selling the products to customers. Other tasks include restocking shelves and cleaning the store. You would develop store management and customer service skills

4: Pet Sitter

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A pet sitter takes care of clients’ pets in their absence. The responsibilities of a pet sitter include feeding the pets, giving them water, grooming them, taking them on walks, taking them to veterinary appointments and staying with them.

This job teaches responsibility, organization and customer service, which are useful skills every teenager must have.

5: Lifeguard

A lifeguard works at pools, beaches and other water bodies. The responsibilities of a lifeguard are to ensure strict adherence to all safety regulations, rescue swimmers or those who have difficulty returning to land, and ensure the safety of swimmers. Lifeguards need to be excellent swimmers to get the job.

The benefits include the development of a sense of responsibility and the building of athletic abilities.

6: Dog Walker

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A dog walker is a person who walks the dogs of clients. Their responsibilities are to walk clients’ dogs at certain hours and through certain routes. They may also be responsible for feeding and giving water to the dog and cleaning up waste.

This job develops customer service and retention skills and the skill of persuasion.

7: Delivery Driver

A delivery driver delivers packages to clients. The responsibilities of a delivery driver include picking up packages and delivering them to the addresses of businesses or clients safely. It requires you to have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record.

The benefits of this job include enhancing your driving skills, developing a sense of responsibility and completing tasks on time.

8: Yard Worker

This is one of the most common jobs hiring 17-year-olds with no experience. A yard worker mows the lawn, trims plants, clears bushes, irrigates plants, plants flowers and others.

A job as a yard worker would help you develop physically, build your customer service skills and develop your ability to persuade clients to do something.

9: Babysitter

A job as a babysitter is the most common job hiring 17-year-olds with no experience.  The duties of a babysitter include watching and supervising children in the absence of their parents, ensuring their safety, feeding and bathing them and helping them with other tasks as specified by the parents. Babysitting helps to develop a sense of responsibility and problem-solving skills.

This article has a list of common jobs hiring 17-year-olds with no experience. If you fall into this category and are worried about whether you could ever get a job with no experience, now you know you can. Take your pick from these jobs and go get it.



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