Choose Beach Destinations with Clean Air for Your Summer Vacation

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Summer breaks give you and your family a reason to escape from the daily dins into some cozy escape so everyone can return to their ordinary life with a fresh perspective. You may have thought about hundreds of locations already, but they may still need to beat the charm of Hawaiian beaches.

Islands in Hawaii’s archipelago give you a sneak peek into their precious culture and tropical foliage amid a laid-back atmosphere. Hawaii beaches are top in the world for being the most beautiful. You can imagine a picture from far away, thinking about the gently moving palm trees and the majestic mountainous views. Which beach should you select if it’s Hawaii for you this time?

You can check the summer vacation air quality index by for a hint. Kaanapali Beach, Poipu Beach, Waikiki Beach, and Kahului Beach can be the best options for their clean air. Average AQI for Kaanapali is 15, Waikiki 16, Poipu 10, and Kahului 16. That means all these are in a green zone, where you can breathe fresh air that fosters physical and mental health and is favorable for everyone, including kids to older adults. Let’s explore what you can do in these places.

Poipu Beach

The crescent-shaped beach offers you lava rocks and golden sand. Swimming is a famous activity here for its protective barrier reef. You can also view the fantastic marine life of tropical fish and others as you dive or snorkel. Some also enjoy the sight of monk seals resting on the seashore. Other than this, you can also find a picnic area and opportunities for surfing and boogie-boarding.

Kaanapali Beach

It is another famous American beach for all age groups. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and beach walkways are a mix of adventure and leisure options one can seek here. You can head to Black Rock Cliff for more adrenalin rush through cliff jumping.

People visit this beach to wallow in the mesmerizing sunsets, unwind with a tennis or golf game, and indulge in its nightlife. Visitors can also shop for many souvenirs from the Whalers Village here.

Waikiki Beach

This destination has been the favorite choice of travelers since the 1990s when Hawaii caught everyone’s attention as an emerging tourist destination. Waikiki Beach is on Oahu Island. Beginners can try swimming, surfing, and snorkeling here.

It also has a landmark called Diamond Head, a unique crater caused by volcanic eruptions about 300,000 years back. When you don’t want to do anything but relax, you can rely on the golden sand and locals’ interactions with visitors to treat your eyes and soul.

Make your summer vacations enjoyable and safe by choosing the right place. Because of the high air pollution levels everywhere, finding a place to give your lungs and mind some pure air to breathe is a must. Hawaii has many places where the air is clean. And it has no shortage of tourist activities for leisure and adventure seekers.

Its beaches are some of the best in America, for kids to older people. Hence, planning a family trip to one of those places makes sense. You already have some best locations in front of you. Now, it’s up to you to prepare your itinerary.

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