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11 Cheapest Chiropractic Schools 

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Attending a chiropractic school is a necessity if you want to pursue your dream of being a practicing chiropractor. However, many students may not get to pursue their dreams because the cost of education is beyond their means and they are scared of incurring debts that they may spend their entire lives trying to remit.

If you decide to take the bull by the horns and become a doctor of chiropractic (DC), you have to decide where to go to school. You would actually be looking for the cheapest chiropractic schools you can afford. It is a major decision; you don’t have to rush. Take your time through this article and you’ll find the answers you’ve been looking for.

Where are the cheapest chiropractic schools located?

There are many chiropractic schools and colleges across countries and continents of the world. However, the cheapest chiropractic schools are located in the United States.

You can either study at a university or a chiropractic college. The difference between the two options is that a university is a larger institution that offers other degree programs apart from chiropractic degrees, including different faculties and departments. While a chiropractic college offers only degree programs related to the chiropractic profession.

Cheapest Chiropractic Schools and Colleges

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1. CampbellsVille University

Campbellsville University is a comprehensive Christian university located in Campbellsville, Kentucky. It is one of the cheapest chiropractic schools available.

The school itself advertises its offer of low tuition costs on its website. This means students at Campbellsville University get to graduate with less debt and enjoy a chiropractic career without the fear of outstanding debts.

The school’s offers include less tuition, which is 20% lower than most chiropractic schools; a lower cost of living, especially off-campus; a flexible internship for students; and financial aid, grants, loans and national, state and local chiropractic scholarships.

Prospective students should visit the school’s website at for more information.

2. Northwestern Health Science University

Northwestern Health Science University is recognized as one of the best affordable schools that provides adequate training for chiropractors.

As one of the top chiropractic schools in the country, NWHSU boasts an effective curriculum for the doctor of chiropractic program. The school’s clinical education program is rated the best in the country, involving practical assessment and an opportunity to partake in an effective internship. The school also recruits patients for students practice to enable them to focus on building their skills.

Schooling at Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU) will place you at an advantage in reaching your goal in chiropractic medicine education.

3. Logan University

One of the cheapest chiropractic schools is Logan University. The school’s reputation precedes it as a great choice for a chiropractic program, given its high rate of graduation. Over 7,000 chiropractors were recorded to have graduated from Logan University and currently practice their professional careers all over the world.

You can find out more from their website at

4. Cleveland University Chiropractic College

Cleveland University is another institution with a cheap chiropractic school located in Kansas City. The university is known for its broad curriculum and clinical training of students.

Cleveland Chiropractic College is designed to allow students to pursue a chiropractic career with much freedom due to its low tuition.

In addition, the college offers both standard and accelerated versions of its degree and certification programs, including a degree in human biology. Students are free to choose to study at their own pace and potentially start their career earlier than with other programs. While specific tuition rates may vary and are subject to change, Cleveland University offers cheap tuition compared to other chiropractic schools.

You can visit their website at for more information.

5. Life University

Life University is the largest single-campus chiropractic college in the world, located in Marietta, Georgia, northwest of Atlanta, with calming natural scenery and state-of-the-art amenities.

Additionally, the school is well advanced in technological innovations and offers a wide range of educational opportunities. These features are what make Life University one of the top-cheapest chiropractic schools that potential students need to see for themselves.

6. Sherman College Of Chiropractic

Sherman College of Chiropractic is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The school is known for its commitment to effective and competitive chiropractic education as compared to other schools.  The school offers various financial aid options, like scholarships, grants, etc., to manage the cost of education.

Students can contact the college via the college’s website at

7. Keiser University

Keiser University College of Chiropractic Medicine was founded in 2016 and is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Keiser University is a private (not-for-profit) school and offers undergraduate and graduate programs.

Keiser University College of Chiropractic has historically been committed to providing students with the knowledge, skills and clinical competencies necessary to excel in the field of chiropractic medicine.

Aspiring students should visit the school’s website or contact the admissions office for more updates.

8. University of Bridgeport

The University of Bridgeport School of Chiropractic, located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, was founded in 1991. The school is known for its commitment to equipping students with hands-on clinical practice, including chiropractic clinics, where they can put in the skills necessary to excel in the field of chiropractic medicine.

Prospective students are expected to visit the school’s website for more information.

9. University of Western States

Western States Chiropractic College is a private, not-for-profit institution located in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.

The school operates on an open admission policy and is one of the cheapest chiropractic schools, as well as an excellent choice for anyone considering a career in this field.

Students gain hands-on experience through clinical internships and externships, as the college also sponsors research into new chiropractic techniques and patient-centered care.

Check out more information about the school on their website.

10. Universidad Central Del Caribe

Universidad Central Del Caribe is a medical school located in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. It offers various medical programs, including a Doctor of Chiropractic program.

The program aims to prepare students to become effective chiropractic physicians capable of meeting the healthcare needs of diverse populations.

Interested students should visit the school’s website for more information and updates.

11. Texas College of Chiropractic Medicine

Texas Chiropractic College is located in Pasadena, Texas. Founded in 1908, it is one of the oldest chiropractic colleges in the United States.

The school provides students with a comprehensive chiropractic care education, including other healthcare coursework like anatomy and physiology. Students go through internships and externships at on-campus clinics to gain hands-on clinical experience.

Main Factors to Consider when Choosing a Cheap Chiropractic School

As a student, the kind of school you choose to attend will definitely affect your attitude toward work and learning and will later influence the choices you make after graduation. Therefore, it is paramount that you choose a school that can afford you the best experience in your career path. Contrary to what people would think, a cheap school does not mean a low standard; a cheap school can offer you a lot if you are willing to put in your best.

These schools are known for their relatively low tuition rates, financial aid and scholarship opportunities that can help you save money, however, to be on the safer side, you should consider these factors before choosing a cheap chiropractic school.

  • School accreditation
  • School location
  • School cost
  • Graduation rate
  • Student reviews

What is the Cost Range of the Cheapest Chiropractic Schools?

It’s true that chiropractic schools are quite expensive. That’s why it is paramount to do your research to ascertain the breakdown of expenses in each area of importance. Finding the cheapest chiropractic school can vary based on different factors, including program duration, residency status and the availability of financial aid or scholarship opportunities.

Other areas to consider include:

  • Tuition and fees: The tuition for chiropractic schools ranges from $12000 to $19000 per term, but in cheap chiropractic schools, it may cost from $7000 to $60000 per year. Students who are residents and citizens of a state have a slight difference in fees from students from other states, especially in public colleges.
  • Books, stationeries and other supplies are expected of students; they are expected to buy materials for reading and learning. Your kind of program will determine how many resources and supplies you need for school. Therefore, you have to estimate such expenses.
  • Accomodation: the cost of accommodation is another expense you have to figure out. Some schools make provision for student hostels and dormitories; others do not. Students therefore have a choice to choose an accommodation within their budget, whether it’s on campus or off-campus.
  • Transportation: students either board public vehicles or own their own cars. Either way, expenses are involved; for public transportation, you have to pay the fare and for private transportation, you have to buy gas, budget for repairs and pay for parking spaces.

These are the few costs you must consider after choosing a cheap chiropractic school to earn your degree.

In conclusion, prospective students should note that the “cheapest” chiropractic school will vary based on the school’s priorities.

Therefore, it is important to weigh various factors, such as tuition costs, financial aid availability, program quality, and location, and conduct adequate research to consider your preferences based on your circumstances.


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