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Chamberlain University Nursing Acceptance Rate

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Originally the Deaconess School of Nursing, Chamberlain University was established in 1943 and is presently a private, for-profit nursing and healthcare institution.

Chamberlain boasts some of the biggest nursing schools in the nation, with 23 campuses spread across the nation. However, how well does this institution prepare its nursing graduates for the workforce?

Chamberlain University Nursing Acceptance Rate

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The admittance rate at Chamberlain University is 92%. Considering that this is a private school, the acceptance rate is quite high. That is also to be expected, though, given that 90% of Chamberlain students attend classes entirely online.

Although it’s not difficult to get into Chamberlain University, there is still a possibility that some applicants won’t be accepted because of the institution’s closed-door policy. Nonetheless, students have a good chance of admission if they make sure to fulfill all requirements for a certain degree.

Chamberlain University Tuition

The cost of tuition and fees at Chamberlain University varies based on the student’s chosen campus and degree program. The cost of a BSN degree program can range from $675 to $725 per credit hour, or $27,000 to $29,000 annually.

In 2019–20, the average cost of tuition and fees at a private, for-profit four-year university was $18,200, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. This indicates that the cost of Chamberlain’s undergraduate programs is higher than typical.

Costs for MS and DNP nursing programs are $690 and $800 per credit hour, respectively. This indicates that the average annual tuition for MS students is $27,600, but the average annual tuition for DNP students is $28,800. Graduates of Chamberlain who enroll in a DNP program can receive a 20% tuition discount.

Is Chamberlain University A Good Nursing School?

A respectable nursing program with a high graduation rate is Chamberlain University. Its goal is to provide its students with in-person and online nursing and healthcare education. Chamberlain is a reference to the field, even in its name. It comes from the word “chaumberlein,” which means “chief steward,” emphasizing the nurse’s crucial role as the primary patient care coordinator.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the programs this institution offers, their prerequisites, acceptance rates, and costs.

To assist you in deciding whether or not Chamberlain is a suitable fit for you, we’ll also go over the benefits and drawbacks of attending as well as present you with a few testimonials from previous students.

Chamberlain University Nursing School Admission Requirements

Numerous nursing degrees and credentials are available from Chamberlain University, and each has specific entry requirements. Here, we’ll talk about the primary nursing programs that this institution provides:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

1. Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

It is possible to finish Chamberlain’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in as little as three years. Through professional mentoring, students are immersed in practical nursing education from the very beginning. To get ready for clinical, students can hone their abilities in the school’s laboratories.

Students who wish to apply for this program must provide high school transcripts with a minimum GPA of 2.75 or a GED of 600 (if earned after 2013) or 551 (if earned between 2002 and 2013). In addition, they have to show that they passed the HESI Admission Assessment (A2) exam with at least a 73.

No prior courses are needed to get admitted. After being admitted, to receive clinical clearance, students have to submit to a drug test and fingerprint checks within the first 120 days.

2. Master Of Science In Nursing

Nurses developed the Master of Science in Nursing program. Eight distinct specialist track options are available to students, such as adult gerontology practice, nursing informatics, and healthcare policy.

Students must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing or higher from an authorized superior school with a minimum GPA of 3.0 to apply to this program. They must have a valid RN license in the US or a jurisdiction that is a member of NCSBN.

3. Doctor Of Nursing Practice (DNP)

The online Doctor of Nursing Practice degree offered by this institution can be finished in as little as two years. Students have the option of focusing their study on advanced practice leadership, educational leadership, or healthcare systems leadership.

A master’s degree in nursing and an active RN license in the US or in a jurisdiction that is a member of NCSBN are prerequisites for admission to this program. If a student has a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s degree in another subject, they can also apply.

For the following courses, students must provide a portfolio of their Chamberlain University coursework or verification of completion.

  • NR-500: Foundational Concepts and Applications
  • NR-501: Theoretical Basis for Advanced Nursing Practice
  • NR- 505: Advanced Research Methods: Evidence-Based Practice
  • NR- 506: Healthcare Policy
  • NR-512: Fundamentals of Nursing Informatics

Does Chamberlain University Accept AP Credits?

Indeed, AP credits are accepted at Chamberlain University. Incoming students just need to submit authentic transcripts of their AP exams and achieve the minimal score required at the time set by Chamberlain to request proficiency credit.

Does Chamberlain University Provide Financial Aid?

Indeed, scholarships are available to both undergraduate and graduate students at Chamberlain University. The following scholarships are available to Chamberlain students:

  • The Indiana Future Nurses Grant is intended for BSN students enrolled in the Indianapolis campus who are pursuing pre-licensure. Contributes $1,000 (up to $5,000) every session.
  • Scholarship for Clinical Educators: Designed for RNs with clinical experience who aspire to teach. amounts to $580 every semester.
  • Grant for Working Parents: Intended for Registered Nurses pursuing an MSN at Chamberlain who have dependent children. 15% in tuition savings is awarded.
  • Students at Chamberlain are also urged to apply for outside scholarships unrelated to their course of study. They provide a few resources where students can look for and apply for various kinds of financial help, for example, based on their interests and specific skill sets.

Chamberlain University Nursing Accreditation

The Higher Learning Commission has granted Chamberlain University its accreditation. Certain programs are additionally approved by various accredited accrediting bodies.

The National League for Nursing Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation has granted the online DNP program accreditation (NLN CNEA).

The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education has accredited the BSN, MSN, DNP, and post-graduate APRN certificate programs.

Is Chamberlain University Good?

For self-driven learners who can benefit from an online learning environment and are eager to finish soon, Chamberlain University is a wonderful choice.

Fast-track programs take up a lot of students’ time and require a great deal of dedication and willpower. Students enrolled in online programs must manage themselves independently.

This implies that learners who want to proceed at their own pace won’t likely gain as much from this institution. The high cost of tuition at Chamberlain makes it an unsuitable choice for those seeking an affordable education.

Pros Of Studying At Chamberlain University

  • Small class sizes
  • Simulated nursing labs
  • Vast options for clinical experience
  • Fast-track programs
  • Online programs
  • Each year, there are three opportunities for students to enroll.

Cons Of Studying At Chamberlain University

  • Expensive tuition
  • No traditional college experiences
  • No real sense of a community
  • Because the school doesn’t supply topics or materials, it is difficult to test out of courses.
  • classes at double the regular speed
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