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Blue Heart Meaning: 10 Possible Meanings

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Have you ever wondered what the blue heart meaning is when you see one? Or have you ever asked yourself whether it is appropriate to send a blue heart to someone you love or is it just for your friends?

There are tons of possible meanings behind the blue heart. Unlike its counterpart, which is the red heart, the blue heart represents much more than fiery passion; there is a wide range of options when it comes down to what you want to say, depending on the context in which you use it.

The blue heart is one of the most reliable heart emojis on your keyboard. It can be used to express love and support. friendzone someone, wish your friend a happy birthday, and express excitement towards something, or even flirt.

Once again, it depends on the context in which you use it, and the way it is used can convey a specific message to the receiver. So, always remember that in analyzing emojis, understanding the context is the way.

In this article, we have provided a blue heart meaning emoji and when to use it so you can get first-hand knowledge and interpretation of the blue heart.

10 Blue Heart Meaning

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The blue heart has a wide range of possible meanings, it is one of the most versatile heart emojis out there because just one đź’™ can convey a lot more meaning than using words.

It can be as deep as the ocean and as vast as the skies in its representation; therefore, combining a blue heart with your words offers a better way of expressing your feelings.

Here are 10 possible blue heart meanings.

1. Peace and harmony 

The most common blue heart meaning is peace and harmony, especially if you are using it for a friend.

Using a blue heart tells people that you are feeling fine, content, and peaceful; you are basking in calmness and centered in a good place.

So when one uses the blue heart, it means that they are promoting peace, self-awareness, and harmony.

2. Support and encouragement

Support and encouragement are another common blue heart meaning. 

Therefore, when you are sending a message to someone going through a tough time and in need of encouragement in their lives, it is appropriate to include the blue heart because it symbolizes steadfast support and comfort. 

3. Trust, confidence and loyalty 

Unwavering loyalty is one of the original meanings of the color blue if we are talking about the psychology of colors.

Therefore, sending the blue heart to your friends, family or colleagues simply means that you trust them, you find them trustworthy, you will always be loyal, and will always be there for them. 

4. Platonic connection and friendship 

The blue heart is different from the romantic symbolism of the red heart, it is rather a cool-toned symbol that often represents platonic love. 

We are more familiar with the red heart for representing fiery love, passion, and traditional romance, whereas a blue heart is cooler and represents a bromance, that is, a connection between friends, siblings, and family. 

A blue heart is also okay for casual friendships with people you don’t really know but sometimes work with or go out with, like your work colleagues, gym buddies, and other acquaintances.

5. Raising awareness

You might ask yourself how one uses the blue heart to create awareness. Many healthcare and welfare organizations identify with the color blue. It is used to express support for healthcare workers or pledge allegiance to a cause one cares so much about.

Moreover, campaigns such as the Blue Heart Campaign to stop human trafficking, the Blue Heart Ocean Fund, and other causes like autism awareness use the Blue Heart symbol to depict their cause. 

6. Deep love

The blue heart can symbolize deep, stable love. If you are using it for a loved one or a very close person, it can mean that your love for the person is as deep as the ocean or as vast as the skies.

Yet, it should not be confused with romantic love. You can love someone deeply, but it is not romantic love.

7. Corporate and business work 

Blue hearts also carry a lot of significance in the corporate world.

In business, the use of color matters because of its psychological impact on customers and consumers. Many companies and social media marketers often choose blue as their brand color and therefore use the blue heart emoji in marketing.

The color blue is channeled toward building a feeling of trust, confidence, and loyalty in consumers toward a brand.

8. Sadness or icy emotions 

You might have heard someone say, “I’m in a blue mood,” right? The color blue also signifies sadness or coldheartedness.

Therefore, using a blue heart could also mean someone is feeling down and is trying to reach out for comfort and solace.

You can send a blue heart to your loved ones when you’re down or heartbroken, just to tell them you need their reassurance.

9. You love the blue color 

Sending blue hearts often in messages may signify one’s love for the color blue; it may even be a favorite color, hence the person’s constant usage of blue hearts.

There are different natural things associated with the color blue; therefore, using the blue heart can be a way of conveying one’s love for specific things blue like the sky, the seas, dolphins, etc. In such messages, the person may pair a blue heart with crashing waves, a beach emoji, or any other emoji used to express an emotion or activity.

10. Medical work

Just like in the business world, blue heart meaning is also associated with medical work. This is because the color blue evokes peaceful feelings and calmness. People have blue heart emojis and smileys to celebrate medical workers. 

Color psychology matters because it is very important to choose colors that represent what one stands for, such as blue, which can generate the calm and peaceful feelings healthcare workers need to carry out their duties in difficult situations.


You can use the blue heart for several things. It aids your communication and helps you convey messages you may not want to write in long form.

From raising awareness about a cause you care for, to reassuring a friend in times of need, to expressing your loyalty to a loved one or marketing on social media, or friend-zoning someone you are not into, to expressing your feelings, or just because you love the color blue… A blue heart is one symbol you cannot go wrong with. It is versatile and aids you in sharing your feelings with others.


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