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5 Best Tesla Apps

Tesla Apps

Tesla is at the forefront of the electric car revolution; their vehicles are known for having cutting-edge technology, high-performance electric motors, and sleek designs. To enhance the Tesla driving experience, there are a plethora of apps available for Tesla owners. In this article, we will delve into the best Tesla apps that can take your Tesla ownership to the next level.

5 Best Tesla Apps

1. Tesla App

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The official Tesla app is a must-have for every Tesla owner. It is available for both Android and iOS devices and serves as your primary gateway to your Tesla vehicle. It makes your Tesla car even more awesome and convenient to use. It is more like a personal assistant for your electric car, making your life easier and your Tesla experience better. With this app, you can perform a wide range of functions, including:

  • Remote Control: You can remotely lock and unlock your car, honk the horn, flash the lights, and even start the climate control system to ensure your car is comfortable when you get in.
  • Charging: The app allows you to monitor and manage the charging of your Tesla. You can start and stop charging sessions, set charging limits, and even find nearby Superchargers.
  • Vehicle Status: It checks your car’s current status, including battery charge level, range estimation, and tire pressure. All that information is right on your phone.
  • Location Tracking: The app can help you locate your Tesla on a map, which is particularly useful if you are in a large parking lot or lending your car to someone else.
  • Software Updates: Just like your phone gets updates, your Tesla gets them too. The app tells you when there is a new update, and you can start it from your phone. That way, your car always has the latest and greatest features.
  • Summon: Depending on your Tesla model, you can use the app to remotely move your car in and out of tight parking spaces with Summon mode
  • Valet Mode: Enable and disable valet mode to restrict access to certain features and settings when you hand your car over to others. It keeps your car safe.

2. TeslaMate

For Tesla owners who are interested in keeping a detailed record of their car’s performance and charging statistics, TeslaMate is an excellent choice. This open-source app provides in-depth insights into your Tesla’s data, allowing you to track and analyze various aspects of your vehicle’s performance. It literally shows you all sorts of interesting information that can make your Tesla experience even cooler. Key features of TeslaMate include:

  • Trip Statistics: You can view detailed trip data, including energy consumption, efficiency, and charging history. TeslaMate keeps track of all your trips, so you can see which ones are super-efficient and which ones use a bit more energy.
  • Charts and Graphs: You know those cool graphs you see in science class? TeslaMate has those too! You can see your energy use over time in a colorful chart. It helps analyze your driving patterns with interactive charts and graphs that display information such as battery usage over time.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Just like how you can choose the color of your bedroom walls, you can customize your TeslaMate dashboard. You pick what information you want to see, so yes, it is more like having your own Tesla control panel.
  • API Access: This might sound fancy, but it means you can see what is happening with your Tesla in real-time. You can check if your car is charging, what the battery’s doing, and even tell it to do stuff through the app. TeslaMate allows you to access Tesla’s API, providing you with real-time data on your car’s status.
  • Data Export: Ever wanted to keep a record of all your Tesla adventures? With TeslaMate, you can save your Tesla data, like a diary, so you can look back and say, “Hey, I did that!” You can also export your Tesla data for further analysis.

3. Stats for Tesla

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Stats for Tesla is a special app designed to help Tesla car owners learn more about their electric cars. It is a friendly digital assistant for your Tesla. This app works on iPhones, and it offers lots of useful things to help you enjoy your Tesla even more.

With Stats for Tesla, you can look after your Tesla car better. Notable features of Stats for Tesla include:

  • Battery Management: Imagine you have a superpower to know exactly how much energy your Tesla’s battery has left and how far you can go before you need to charge it. Stats for Tesla does this. It tells you how healthy your battery is and helps you plan your trips so you will not run out of power. It also shows your estimated range based on your driving habits.
  • Smart Trip Planner: Have you ever wanted to take your Tesla on a road trip? This app helps you plan those trips by telling you where to charge your car and how long it will take. No more worrying about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with no power. The app looks at your starting point, your destination, and everything in between. Then, it calculates the best route for you to take, factoring in Tesla Supercharger stations along the way.
  • TeslaCam Viewer: Your Tesla has cameras to record what is happening around it. Stats for Tesla lets you watch those videos on your phone, so you can see what has been going on when you are not there. So, you can view video footage recorded by your Tesla’s built-in cameras for added security.
  • Climate Control Scheduler: Schedule climate control settings to ensure your car is comfortable when you need it. It is a handy tool that helps you manage the temperature inside your car. With this feature, you can tell your Tesla when to start heating or cooling the inside of your car. So, it ensures your Tesla is always comfy, and you save energy at the same time. It is one of those cool features that makes owning a Tesla even more enjoyable.


TezLab is a popular Tesla app available for both Android and iOS devices. It is known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive tracking capabilities. TezLab allows Tesla owners to monitor their car’s efficiency, track expenses, and even compete with other Tesla owners in a gamified experience. Key features of TezLab include:

  • Efficiency Tracking: This app helps you understand how efficient your Tesla is. Think of it like checking how far your car can go with the energy it has, just like how you check how much battery your phone has left.
  • Expense Tracking: You can also see how much money you are spending on charging your Tesla. It keeps track of how much you spend on gas for a regular car. So, you can log your charging costs, maintenance expenses, and other Tesla-related expenses.
  • Friendly Competition: Do you like games? TezLab has a game-like feature where you can compete with other Tesla owners to see who can drive their car in the most efficient way. It is a friendly race, but instead of speed, you are trying to save energy.
  • Maintenance Reminders: Just like how you need to visit the doctor for check-ups, your Tesla needs some care too. TezLab helps you remember when it is time for your car to visit the Tesla service center.

5. Remote S for Tesla

Remote S for Tesla is a feature-packed app for Tesla owners who want more control and customization options. While it is available for iOS, it offers a unique set of features that set it apart from the official Tesla app. Key features of Remote S for Tesla include:

  • Apple Watch Support: One of the standout features of Remote S for Tesla is its compatibility with the Apple Watch. This means you can control your Tesla right from your wrist! You can lock and unlock your car, start it up, and even control climate settings, all without reaching for your phone.
  • Widgets: The app also brings some nifty widgets to your iPhone’s home screen. These widgets allow you to get to essential Tesla functions with just a quick glance at your phone. You can see information like your car’s battery status or climate control settings without having to open the app. It is all about convenience and making your life easier.
  • Location-Based Actions: This feature is pretty cool. You can set up actions that automatically happen based on where your Tesla is. For example, when you get close to home, you can program the app to open your garage door for you. It is all about making your life more convenient and efficient. It just sets up actions that trigger based on your car’s location.

Final Words

Owning a Tesla is not just about driving a cutting-edge electric vehicle; it is also about leveraging the power of technology to enhance your driving experience. The best Tesla apps mentioned in this article offer a wide range of features, from tracking your car’s performance to enhancing convenience and security.

If you prefer the simplicity of the official Tesla app or the advanced capabilities of third-party apps like TeslaMate, Stats for Tesla, TezLab, Remote S for Tesla, there is an app to suit every Tesla owner’s needs.

By integrating these apps into your Tesla ownership experience, you can gain greater insights into your car’s performance, optimize your driving habits, and make the most of your electric vehicle. So, why wait? Download your preferred Tesla app today and take your Tesla ownership to new heights!

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