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Aww Meaning In Chat: 12 Things It Could Mean And The Best Replies To Give

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Aww is an expression that shows emotion or reaction. People say aww for a lot of reasons. Its meaning depends on the context in which it was used.

Aww meaning in chat could depict that something is cute. It could mean that someone is proud of something or someone. It could also mean an expression of sympathy.

You open your phone and suddenly a message pops up. Opening it, you saw something like, ‘Aww, you look so beautiful. I would love to see you again. Then, you begin to wonder what it is and how you would respond.

In this article, we will tell you the different aww meanings in chat and how you can respond.

12 Aww Meaning in Chat

People use AWW to add a sense of emotion and feeling to their words. Whether you’re a chat freak or someone curious to know what aww means in chat via text or social media, this is designed for you.

We are going to break down its meaning in a relatable way.

1. Showing Empathy

If you are sharing a distressing situation during a text conversation, the aww from the other person shows how the person is feeling about the situation. It shows he or she is there for you and feels your pain. This is an aww meaning in chat.
Example: Aww, I heard what happened! It’s like a pat on the back or consolation.

2. Reacting to Cuteness

When you send your picture or a picture of something to your lover or friend, the next thing the person sends is ‘aww’.
It is his or her way of commending your elegance. It is also a way of letting you know about your endearing qualities or the thing you sent without saying it.

3. Response to Kindness

This is a way someone can use to respond when you do him or her a favor. It is also used to acknowledge any act of kindness. The individual might say something like this: Aww, thank you, Amaka, for being so thoughtful’.

4. Acknowledging Something Heartwarming

This is one AWW meaning in chat that you need to know. When chatting with someone, it is used to express how uplifting or satisfying something or an event was. Example: Aww, he made my day.

5. Expression of Likeness

Here, It is an expression of excitement or positivity. It also conveys pride and approval. Take, for instance, you were chatting with your friends and you shared news about your trip to the U.K. The response you get is a hearty ‘Aww, thank God. I will miss you.

6. Expression of Affection

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Chatting does not allow for facial expressions; hence, you can only express your feelings using distinct words like ‘Aww, you are so sweet’. It means how fond someone is. It also shows how sweet it is.

7. Sarcasm

Aww Meaning in chat does not always mean positivity. It can mean sarcasm. It adds a sense of humor when you use it sarcastically when texting someone.

For instance, if you tell your friend about how you nearly fell into a ditch while trying to run away from a masquerade, If she tells you,  ‘Aww’, it means what a disaster!

8. A Response to Romantic Words

A word can make the heart grow fonder. This may mean a response to a romantic act or words. ‘Aww, that’s so sweet. It is a way of telling the person that his words have an emotional influence. It also brings a smile to his or her face.

9. Expression of Mild Disappointment

If someone said aww during a text conversation, it might mean that he or she had a slight disappointment. For instance, if someone wants to use something but forgets to buy it, he or she might say during chatting, ‘Aww, I would have bought an orange and added the juice to my birthday cake’. It means an expression of disappointment.

10. Responding to a Surprise

Another aww meaning in a chat is when someone is thrilled by a surprise. If you are chatting with your friends, and as you are chatting, you send her a huge amount of money, and she types, ‘Aww, I never expected this’. This reaction depicts the extent to which she feels about the surprise.

11. Shows Support

Based on the context of the conversation, the aww meaning in chat also shows support. If you are chatting with your sister and you tell her about the challenges you are encountering in your business, she responds, ‘Aww, sis, I am here for you’. It shows support.

12. Response to the Gesture of Friendship

This is an aww, meaning in chat you need to know to avoid confusion. If your friend uses this frequently, it means something good. For instance, if you are discussing and she texts, ‘Aww Felicia, I am happy to have known you’. This is a response to the things you have done to maintain the friendship.

How to Respond to Aww Meaning in Chat

You might be confused about how to respond after your friend, colleague, crush, or lover sends you an AWW message. Do not worry; here are some options.

1. Thank You

This is one of the options to respond to aww meaning in chat. It is used when someone means that you or something is sweet. This is a great option.

2. I am glad you loved it

This will be a good option for someone who is triggered by your surprise or kindness. It is a good response. This will keep the conversation going.

3. How Cute

You might want to trick your lover into knowing how true what he said is by using this. It gives an upbeat vibe to your conversation. It is a response to AWW in chats.

4. Use the Happy or Heart Emoji

You can use this. If you do not wish to say anything, you can use it if you want to express gratitude to someone. It’s a great response.

5. Okay

If you are confused about the aww meaning in chat at that time, you can simply use this. You can use it to reply, no matter the meaning. It’s simple and easy.

6. Can I see you in person?

If you want to sound a bit sarcastic or informal, especially with your friend or crush, it is a good option. It is also a subtle response to tell your crush that you want to see her in person after she might have said “Aww”. It creates an aura of humor.

Final Words

There are numerous Aww meanings in chat but they are contextual. It can be a response to a gesture of friendship or kindness. It can be an expression of sympathy or love. This word adds humor and emotion to what you say. It is important that you know its meaning in chat.

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