9 Quick Solutions for Emergency Commercial Drain Unclogging

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As a business owner, a clogged drain can bring your operations to a standstill. When sinks back up, toilets overflow or floor drains get blocked, you need swift solutions before bigger problems arise. Especially in a commercial kitchen or busy restroom facility, a clogged pipe leads to unsanitary conditions, potential closure violations, and unhappy customers.

What steps can you take during a plumbing emergency to get your business drainage flowing again? Here are 9 fast fixes to attempt when facing emergency commercial drain unclogging needs in Australia.

9 Quick Solutions for Emergency Commercial Drain Unclogging

1. Try a Plunger

The trusty plunging technique still reigns as the quickest first attempt to dislodge a clog. Place a plunger over the drain opening and plunge up and down rapidly 10-15 times to use suction and pressure to loosen the blockage. For the deepest impact, fill the sink halfway with water first before plunging.

2. Use a Snake

For deeper clogs beyond plunger reach, a drain snake can tunnel down the pipes and hook debris to extract it. Feed 3-6 feet of the metal auger down while cranking the handle, then carefully remove the hooked material upon retraction. Be cautious not to scratch the pipe interior coating.

3. Pour Boiling Water

For organic buildups like grease, fats and soap residue, pouring a pot of boiling water down the drain can melt through. The heat will liquefy the materials and wash them down. Follow it with cold water to solidify the opening.

4. Mix Chemical Agents

From commercial-grade liquid lye to granulated enzyme cleaners, chemical drain aids break down organic matter. Pour the indicated amount down the clogged drain, let it sit for the recommended timeframe, and then flush with hot water. Avoid using too much chemical or allowing it to sit too long next to pipe materials.

5. Use a CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Here’s an unexpected clog buster—a CO2 fire extinguisher! The ultra-cold rush of vapour released can freeze and fracture stubborn blockages. Discharge short bursts down the drain, let sit for 5 minutes, then pour hot water. The rapid change in temperature shocks and shifts the clog.

6. Hire a Professional

When quick home remedies don’t solve the issue, call 24/7 emergency drain technicians like Cre8flow Drain Services for same-day emergency service. Their powerful hydrojetting machines can blast away grease accumulations, tree root infiltrations, collapsed lines, and large items wedged in pipes. CCTV drain cameras also help pinpoint trouble spots.

7. Install Drain Screens

Once your emergency commercial drain unclogging crisis is solved, install sink drain screens, floor drain grates, lint traps on washing machine outlets, and other filtration devices. Straining out hair, food particles, paper, and other commonly-flushed items will prevent future clog recurrences.

8. Clean Drains Preventively

Schedule proactive monthly or quarterly drain cleaning maintenance to keep your pipes flowing freely. Cre8flow Drain Services offers commercial drain inspections and repairs, trenchless sewer relining, pipe descaling, root cutting and more—before an after-hours disaster strikes.

9. Update Old Plumbing

If your property still has ageing galvanized steel, clay or iron piping, its interior rust and corrosion can cause narrowed water flow and drainage backups. Replacing deteriorated pipes with smooth, seamless PVC or polyethene materials can restore free flow. Consult Cre8flow Drain Services on repiping options and long-lasting pipe solutions.

Don’t Let One Clog Cripple Operations

As a business owner, a drain clog crisis sparks stress and leads to lost revenue. But in most cases, it can be rapidly resolved with short-term unclogging services and preventive solutions. Trust 24/7 experts like Cre8flow Drain Services to restore full function using state-of-the-art equipment, methods and emergency response. Implement regular maintenance plus facility upgrades where needed. Then watch your operations flow smoothly with no nasty surprises from below!

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