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5 Things You Did Not Realize about Community Living

Community Living

Simply put, communal living or community living, is a way of life that revolves around sharing spaces. Sometimes, community living can be something as ordinary as sharing the same parking lot, while other times it can be about being so tight-knit that people depend on each other for survival.

However, it is essential to remember that community living does not have a set structure. Some communal dwellers seldom engage with outsiders, while others actively include their neighbors in their daily life. Due to the growth in urban adult loneliness, communal living has gained popularity. 

This blog is for communal living enthusiasts! 

Top 5 Interesting Things About Community Living

1. Your Finances Can Get Better

One of the greatest benefits of community living is that the people within can save a lot of money and bolster their finances. It is a common fact that when young people choose to live with families instead of moving, they save a lot of money because of shared spaces. The same goes for community living too. With the presence of ample shared spaces and everyone pitching in, the wallet gets happier.

2. Community Living is NOT Just for Extroverts

There is a common misconception among people that community living is only for extroverts. However, all kinds of people are drawn to the community lifestyle. Both extroverts and introverts are able to find their footing in a communal setting.

Usually, a communal living space has a mix of both extroverts and introverts. Moreover, individuals who want ‘me time’ for rejuvenation and the dopamine kick can easily get their personal time even in community living.

3. People Become Invested in the Environment 

It has been shown that communal living makes people more invested in their environment. For instance, if a farm is being built from scratch for a community, then the people involved have to learn new skills, which creates room for self-reflection and introspection. 

Likewise, a home emergency might pop up in the community that has to be solved immediately. There might be someone in the community who is an expert in the electrical field. Thus, proximal relations compel people to invest time and effort into the community and environment, which gradually becomes a way of life.

4. Community Living Improves Happiness

Yes, you heard it right—community living improves happiness. Individuals living and actively involved in community usually live longer and happier lives simply because they spend time with others often. Loneliness has many repercussions, one of which is curtailed happiness. But such problems do not occur in community living.

5. You Do Not Share ‘Everything’

Lastly, people often have the preconceived notion that community living is about sharing ‘everything.’ However, this is not the case. Individuals have their own rooms and people can even put a label on their stuff kept in the freezer. So, ownership of personal items and provision or personal space are always assured. You’ll have your own amazing home with places like Lifestyle Communities in Carrum Downs and share brilliant facilities.



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