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15 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands For Men

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Some men take fashion very seriously and can go to any length to get the best of it, while others just want something nice and sustainable. Today, most people don’t go for clothing simply because it is expensive and looks all flashy; sustainability is what is sought after now. When choosing your clothing brands, it’s best that you do research about how they make their clothes, the level of commitment from customers, and the materials the clothing is made of. Recently, in the US, people are becoming interested in materials for clothing that are believed to be eco-friendly, especially ones made of recyclables. Sustainability is valued in clothing not just because it is cheaper but also because it lasts longer and there is no need to change wardrobes frequently.

In view of these and many more, we did look at the best sustainable clothing brands for men in no particular order but based on our research and choices.

15 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands For Men

1.  Asket


If you are really interested in sustainability above other qualities, you should know you are going for one that lasts but is also cheap. This Scottish brand has got you covered when it comes to that. With mature and strong designs that barely get outdated or out of trend, thus reducing the chance of it fading away and getting into the waste bin. Everything about this brand stands for sustainability, and it’s one of the best sustainable clothing brands for men making waves right now. Plus, they provide transparency on material sources, costs, distribution, and production.

2. Everlane

When it comes to basics and simplicity, Everlane has all you need. The brand is known for clothing that is made of organic materials and is of great quality for a fair, cheap price. Everything about this brand has the sustainability that you are looking for, as its products take years to fade. Another reason it made our list of the best clothing brands for men

3. Taylor Stitch

If you are looking for sweaters, jackets, or jeans that have good quality and are sustainable without needing to break the bank, Taylor Stitch has it. Taylor Stitch prioritizes the word responsibility over  more reason its clothing lasts a time. Most of the materials it uses are materials that can be recycled, are eco-friendly, and don’t take much water. It also runs a recycling program where old clothes are collected and brought back to life.

4. Outerknown

Outerknown is one of the best clothing brands for men out there. Outerknown was founded by surf league champion Kelly Slater and popular designer John Moore. If you are looking for sustainable outdoor clothing like chinos, swimsuits, sweatshirts, and polos with elegant designs, strong structure, and a soothing feel when touched, this brand speaks your language. Made to last long enough as it is built with 100% organic materials, the brand believes in the ideology of making clothing that respects the world.

5. Tentree

Do you want a brand that supports nature full-time? Tentree is a clothing brand that cares so much about nature. It is one of the slowest fashion brands, but it has all that you need in sustainable men’s wear that you are looking for. Every piece of their design is nature-inspired, from their hoodies, shirts, button-ups, winter jackets, boxers, sweat pants, shorts, tees, and accessories. Everything is built with sustainability in mind; their products are made from organic cotton and recycled plastics. For every item purchased, they plant trees in the affected areas where the raw materials are sourced, which are Nepal, Indonesia, Madagascar, Senegal, Peru, Canada, and Mexico. When you purchase a product, you get to see where the tree is planted via the impact wallet.

6. Patagonia

When it comes to sustainable wear, only a few brands beat Patagonia to it. It is arguably one of the best clothing brands for men. Most of their production processes and sources are focused on sustainability while using a higher percentage of organic materials that are eco-friendly for their wear. Patagonia makes sweatshirts, t-shirts, swim trunks, socks, hats, underwear, pants suitable for different sporting activities, gloves, and different designer bags of different sizes. The most amazing thing is that their clothing is pretty affordable yet sustainable for a long time. Though the brand has limited its brand for many years now, it still prioritizes classic and elegant designs. Synchilla snap-t fleece, inspired by 70s fashion vibes, was one of their first designs when they started business and is still the highest selling of all their designs.

7. Levi’s

Levi’s is one of the best denim brands in the world when we talk about the best clothing brands for men. Same, we talk of brands reducing chemical and water usage and using organic materials for manufacturing. Their clothing never runs out of style or trends because they update their old designs to look presentable. The brand prioritizes sustainability and quality and often encourages its customers to embrace them. You can easily find their brand at fairly used clothing stores, and it offers a recycling program for its customers too. That is to show how much more they are into this sustainability thing and recycling initiative.

8. Pact

If you want the Pact’s impact, try Pact clothing! Pact is here to stay when we talk about the best clothing brands for men; their impact is there to see. Not just sustainability but affordable yet beautifully designed wear. Another thing that distinguishes this brand from just any other brand is that most of its clothing is made to match different outfits. Some of their products include hoodies, sweat pants, polos, briefs, boxers, and shirts. All are made from 100% organic cotton materials.

9. Neem London

If you like to look very responsible as a man, Neem London can make you do it! Neem London is a UK-based men’s clothing brand that creates responsibly styled men’s clothing while maintaining eco-friendliness. Clothing is created from recycled and recyclable cotton material in a solar-powered facility with zero percent carbon or toxic chemical emissions. They are more focused on making clothing that is sustainable and of great quality. Some clothing items they make include t-shirts, sweatshirts, over-shirts, polo shirts, socks, caps, and many more. Neem London is distributed to the United States from the United Kingdom. Though its production is divided into three stages: spinning in Spain, weaving in Italy, and handcrafting in Romania.

10. Arms Of Andes

Arm of Andes is a Peruvian-inspired sustainable clothing brand that entered the fashion industry in 2018 and was founded by the California siblings of Peruvian descent, Renzzo and Meli Hinostroza. According to the founders, it was created based on the ideology of bridging the gap between their ancestors and the civilized world. Hence, the materials used for their clothing are 100% alpaca wool, which is common in Peru. They make nice men’s layers: mid, bottom, and base, t-shirts, pants, socks, underwear, and a lot more.

11. Boody


You want just organic clothing? Go for bohemian! Boody is an Australian clothing brand that, due to its quality and level of sustainability, has become very popular in the United States. Boody is made from organically grown bamboo. Apart from that, the brand uses eco-friendly and sustainable materials, and its designs are nostalgic. They make ethical clothing like swimsuits, bamboo socks, and underwear that comes in a handful of designs. The cloth line, just like a few others, offers recycling programs for its customers to reduce the prevalent issue of textile waste.

12. Classic T-shirt Company

The classic t-shirt company is actually one of the best clothing brands for men who like to keep things simple and mature. They offer clothing with just a few colors and simple designs while maintaining quality and sustainability. Just as the name implies, their apparel is classic; the most popular clothing they produce is t-shirts. The company was founded on the idea that you can do the right thing even when successful.

13. United By Blue

Looking for classic denim wear? United by Blue is a brand for you. This brand believes in manufacturing outdoor clothing that is specially designed and sustainable. It is also very positive to reduce the impact of cotton and denim manufacturing on our blue planet. By so doing, it depends on 100% organic materials for its manufacturing. Sustainable clothing is not limited to denim alone, as they offer other items like rain jackets, swim trunks, pant, underwear, lounge wear, and so much more.

14. Kotn

Worried about the ethical abuse in the industry? Choose Kotn. Sourced from Egyptian cotton, though not fully organic. Kotn is making an impact by helping farmers so it can kickstart the production of fully organic clothes. Almost everyone with knowledge of clothing knows that Egyptian fiber, Giza, is one of the best for clothing. That’s why Kotn is betting on that. They produce swim trunks, work pants, chinos, denim, sweatshirts, button-down shirts, and quality socks.

15. Colorful Standard

Uncomplicated, sustainable, and colorful are what the colorful standard stands for. Their designs come in elegant interiors and rainbow colors. Some of the clothing they make includes lounge clothing and basics like hoodies, pants, tees, socks, and boxers. Their hoodies are one of the best when it comes to warm, sustainable men’s clothing.

How to know the best sustainable clothing brand for men

The men’s fashion industry is not as flourishing as the women’s due to the different style options. However, sustainability is important for those who wish to buy from brands that produce sustainable clothing.

About 80% of textile waste in the US ends beneath the soil. That’s millions of tons a year. Isn’t that too much?

It’s about time we focused on sustainable clothing other than expensive and flashy. To at least reduce the waste. Recycling should be encouraged too, so that we can reduce the damage clothing manufacturing does to the ecosystem.

Instead of consistently changing your wardrobe almost every time because some of your clothes fade out in no time, go for sustainable clothing. Here is the question: how do I know a clothing brand that’s sustainable?

Here are some of the things you need to look out for before choosing one:

Raw materials

The materials a thing is made of often determine its durability. Most of the best sustainable clothing brands for men use materials that are eco-friendly and naturally last longer than synthetic sources. Materials like hemp wool, ethical wool, organic cotton, linen, and tencel lyocell are considered best for sustainability. Other materials are recycled nylon and polyester. Though these are not really natural, using them reduces plastic waste and brings an already existing material back to life.

Production and Labor practices

Though materials matter most, labor practice is just as important to consider. Some labor practices often spring up human rights abuse issues. A brand that operates transparently, takes good care of her laborers, and pays them well is the best.


In fashion When we talk about body image problems, we often refer to women. whereas men are not exempt. It’s best to embrace brands that make clothing for all body sizes and shapes (chubby, slim, tall, short, etc.).


It’s good to choose brands that operate with regenerative production, product recycling, less or zero carbon emissions, and less plastic packaging for their products.

Bottom line

Instead of wasting money on clothes every time, why not spend on sustainable clothing and save yourself some money? Buying clothes at an affordable price doesn’t make you less because you are getting more out of your money by doing so. Buy clothing that will take time to fade out and is recyclable. Some of these brands have all the designs and styles you need, so stop buying all-flashy clothes whose production is not only causing damage to the ecosystem but also fades out in no time. Embrace subsistence today!


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