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14 Ways to Know Your Dog Is Happy with You

Smile and wag

If you see a smile on your dog’s face while playing and spending time with them, this is a sign that they are feeling comfortable and happy with you. The second thing is that if they move their tail, then you have to understand that they are expressing emotions to you because dogs sometimes express themselves through the movement of their tail.

Playful behavior

Dogs love to play if your dog is playing with you and having fun with you, such as when they show you and take you to their favorite toys and try to make you play with them. That means they are feeling happy around you, and they want to spend time with you. Happy dogs always try to find some way to spend time with their owner, so if they are doing that, then you have to understand that they are feeling a comfort zone with you.


If your dog finishes the food and asks you for more, then you can understand that they are happy and they are feeling joyous, and if it is not happening, that means they are bothered by something, and at that time, you have to analyze them to see what the issue is. Maybe they are not feeling well and they need medication.

Following you around

Following around you means if they don’t leave you alone, they want to follow and become close to you all the time, so that means that they are trying to be with you the whole day and they are enjoying that, so it will not bother you if you are in your home all the time. It may freshen your mind because they make you feel good if they are with you.


Cuddling shows that they want to cuddle around you, and they want your love and affection. That’s why they cuddle around you and seek your attention. That time, you have to give them attention and give them lots of love and care, which will make them happier.

Non-destructive behavior

Destructive behaviour is like chewing the floor, chewing the materials in the house, disturbing you all the time, barking, or creating noise. This is unwanted behavior, but if your dog is not doing these things, that means they are happy, and they are well brought up by your love and training.

Excited greeting

When you go somewhere, whether it is for a few minutes or hours or days, it doesn’t matter, but when you come, they greet you with excitement and happiness. This is a sign that they are very happy to see you, and they show their love for you, their excitement, and their feelings for you.

Relaxed body language

Relaxing body language means they are just being relaxed, and they are feeling calm and quite good. Inside, they are not feeling any anxiety or sadness. This means relaxed body language. If you see this, you may understand that they are feeling relaxed and very good.

Good sleep habits

A good sleep habit means that if they are getting enough sleep, that means they are feeling happy inside, although good sleep is needed for dogs to stay healthy. So good sleep is needed. They may have a regular sleep routine, which is essential for them, and if they are following that, then this is good for them, and this shows that they are happy.

No excessive barking

Excessive barking all the time is not good. They should bark if they are feeling something evil and wrong. If your dog is barking only when they are finding something wrong, then this is a good habit. Intelligent and well-trained dogs bark only when needed. So this might be good behavior.

No isolation

Dogs love to be social, and if they are feeling happy around you, then they will not leave you alone. Because they need to spend time with you and have fun around you, they will chase you and follow you wherever you go. They will not isolate themselves. Good dogs have a better mentality, and they always play around you and want to spend time with you.

Responding to cues

Whenever you give a command and they are not following it, that means they are not happy, or maybe they are feeling sad because of something. That’s why they are not following after you. But if they follow your commands and your instructions, that means they are enjoying being around you, and they want to have fun with you.

Time spent together

Spend time with your dog. It is a good thing because if you are with your furry companion, then you should have fun with them and enjoy yourself with them because your love and affection make them closer to you, so you should spend quality time with them. They don’t need anything else from you except your time, love, and affection. You should treat them as your babies because they are part of your life.

When someone becomes part of your life, you care for them; you give them more love and attention, just like you have to give all these things to your dog. They have no demand.

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