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10 Effective Strategies To Increase Leads On Instagram


Are you struggling to get leads also after trying every strategy? It can be difficult for a new company when multiple companies need help to capture users’ attention. You are missing a lot of features on Instagram if you are not getting leads. As well as, 72% of Instagram user’s purchases are based on anything they saw on Instagram. 

However, high competition and Instagram’s frequent algorithm changes can also fail businesses trying to explore a meaningful presence. The anxiety and the fear are real. But the good news is that we have revealed the top 10 accurate methods for increasing your Instagram leads. Without any delay, Let’s get in.

Why is Instagram best for generating Leads?

Before entering this topic, it is important to understand why instagram is an excellent platform for business growth in generating leads.

A large number of users

Instagram has a huge 2.35 billion active users and is considered a social media giant. Suppose you are a brand or a business owner looking for leads and need to learn how to generate them. In that case, Instagram is the best place to target particular data and look for possible leads. is an exclusive way to engage your followers on Instagram and showcase your brand in a more genuine and rapid way.

Attractiveness and algorithms

Instagram’s base is fuelled by attracting visuals. This platform helps to create content by focusing on high-quality posts and polished algorithms.

10 True strategies to increase leads on Instagram:

We will be covering how Instagram generates leads. Let’s look into the ten effective strategies that will help you get more leads on Instagram.

1.Using lead-generating ads on Instagram

One of the strongest methods of generating leads is Instagram ads. They are planned to target the right audience for your business. Instagram lead ads help businesses collect useful information like birthdays, job titles, email addresses, and phone numbers.

Over 200 million businesses use Instagram ads, which has become a favorite tactic. Instagram ads benefit various entities, from local businesses to influencers, to understand customers better, improve direct marketing, and make efficient lead generation.

Set Up an Instagram business account and utilize the Meta Ad Manager to create and manage ads. Choose lead generation as your marketing tool while placing ads. For creating ads and managing them, use the Meta Ad Manager on Instagram for business platforms.

2. Insert the Action button in your profile to promote your business

 The straightforward way to generate leads is by adding an action button. In addition, this helps start-up businesses to save time in generating other important lead strategies.

To add an action button, your profile should be a business page, customizing the action buttons such as “Book Now,” “Contact Us,” and “Shop Now” that insist the customers get in touch with you. The lead generation process brings up the Action button for interested users.

Steps to add an action to your profile on Instagram:

  1. Get into Instagram business profile
  2. Click on “Edit Profile”
  3. In “Public Business Information,” Click Contact options
  4. Click an actionable button.
  5. Select the action button that you like to add to your business profile

3.Create an attractive landing page

A good-looking landing page can enable the success of a business through Instagram. If your landing page is not great, viewers will leave. The visuals should create a user-friendly experience, and the page should reflect the growth in Instagram that matches your website on what users expect to watch. Owning a business related to real estate or an online store, your website should attain the trust and the first impression to retain and impress the customers.

  Provide a link in your Instagram Bio

The link in the bio tool is clickable; therefore, it directs your customers to achieve the goal. Instagram’s link-in bio is one way to drive traffic to pages that generate leads. Use call-to-action to increase productivity.

4 Use link stickers in Stories

Another useful tool Instagram uses to fix stickers is the Link sticker feature. This option should always work when used tactically. Using this link sticker feature, you can guide your users to YouTube for newly launched products with a link sticker.

Stories will be compelling for getting leads on Instagram because users only need to click the link sticker. If you want to benefit from this feature, include a link sticker to your highlighted stories. Link stickers will boost visibility and enable new followers to reach the link.

5. Consistent use of Shoppable posts

One of the best ways to turn your followers into loyal customers is Shoppable posts. With this feature, you can use the feed posts, Reels, and live streams by adding the products directly. With the help of this feature, shopping can be done just by tapping on links.

Create an Instagram shop to begin with Instagram posts. Instagram shop means an Instagram marketplace where you can show your product in a catalog. You can use this tool to target ads with engaged customers or identify what product your followers are interested in.

6. Create content based on Call-to-action

Call-to-action content is a powerful Instagram growth trick to get leads on Instagram. Adding words like “DM for the link” or “share if it is true” for engaging content might help lead generation.

Your reel should socialize together with the post to reach the same goal. If you want the user to click the link in the bio, then your content should be strong to click the link. Do you want your link sticker to be clicked? Then, could you give them a reason to do it?

Additionally, adding emojis to a Call-to-action feature will increase the user’s attention. When using Instagram stories, use them behind the scenes or to be continued to retain the user’s attention.

7. Reaching Instagram influencers for marketing

Instagram influencers are considered as the heart of content marketing on Instagram; collaborating with influencers can be a main tactic by using their followers to generate leads on Instagram.

Based on your business choose an influencer who creates similar to yours. This process will enable new followers to your side.

Moreover, Sincerity is a main factor; If an influencer believes their followers, they might have the power to develop your Sincerity and trust in your brand.

8. Conduct contests on Instagram

One of the best to attain leads is through promotions, sales and contests.

Your followers have a chance to win discount coupons by completing surveys or by tagging friends.Using this tactic may help you to increase your reach and followers. Conducting giveaways and contests excites people about your products, generating leads.

9. Run a campaign for Instagram referrals

The final topic that helps boost your sales leads is conducting referral campaigns on Instagram. Your followers will explain your product, and leads will become possible by referring their friends and family.

Above all, giving exclusive coupons to accept referral coupons. This method will motivate the people to endure the referral chain.

If you run a travel agency, you can conduct a referral program. Customers who refer their friends can avail of a discount of 15% to 20% on their upcoming booking.

10 . Monitoring And Examining Lead Generation Benchmarks

One of Instagram’s best strategies for generating leads is monitoring and examining lead generation. This process allows you to monitor which is performing well and generating leads. By tracking benchmarks, you can know which is getting you leads and what new plan you need to improve your leads.

Utilizing Instagram Insights for Analyzing Leads

To determine the success of generating leads, you must monitor Instagram Insights. With Instagram’s built-in analytics tools, business accounts can access useful data such as conversion rate, click-through rate (CTR), and engagement rate.


We have closely guided you to the ten effective strategies to increase leads on Instagram. Using Instagram to generate leads and boost a brand’s reach can be a game changer as it is considered the most robust social media platform. By trying the above-listed tactics, you can grow and attain more leads through Instagram.

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