What Is Sugar Paper? A Guide to Its Composition and Uses

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Finding the right material for paper crafting isn’t a walk in the park.

At the very least, you need a material that’s reasonably strong to last several months or even years. That’s the only way to guarantee the durability of your priceless creations.

You’d also want a paper whose density meets your desired needs. For instance, paper crafts intended for clipping onto a bulletin board will need to be tough enough to withstand the elements yet thin enough to be firmly clipped onto the board. Similarly, crafts intended for displaying on concrete walls may need to be sufficiently thick to prevent their front faces from getting damaged by the glue.

While finding a material that meets the above criteria may prove a bit challenging, it isn’t entirely impossible. One top recommendation would be a special paper known as sugar paper.

Read below to learn more about sugar paper, including what it is and its common applications.


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What Is Sugar Paper?

Sugar paper, also known as construction paper, is a type of colored cardstock paper used in various paper crafting projects. Perhaps we should back up a bit and explain what cardstock paper is.

Cardstock paper is a paper made of a thicker and more durable material than regular paper. It’s also thinner and more flexible than cardboard and paperboard.

The fact that cardstock paper is heavier and stronger than standard paper makes it the more preferable option for paper crafting and card making. Its higher flexibility compared to cardboard and paperboard makes it easy to handle while doing paper craftwork.

Where Can You Find Sugar Paper?

Sugar paper has gained considerable attention for its durability and versatility. There’s no shortage of places where you can get your hands on high-quality construction paper at fairly competitive prices.

The economy of Brighton is a noteworthy sugar paper retailer. The company deals in premium quality construction paper and other paper crafting materials. It maintains a vibrant e-commerce platform where you can quickly sample a variety of sugar papers before placing your order.

Industry experience is usually a top consideration when looking for the best sugar paper retailer. And that’s another area where the Economy of Brighton stands out from its competitors. This retailer boasts over 40 years of experience, which reflects on the quality of its products and services. Moreover, depending on your location, the company provides free expert advice and delivery.


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Sugar Paper Appearance

Almost all sugar papers are colored. However, these papers are considerably lighter than most cardstock papers.

Construction papers also stand out for their frosty appearance. The materials used in making these papers usually appear frosted due to its source and the process of manufacturing or curing.

You can also distinguish sugar papers from regular cardstock papers by their texture. Sugar papers are generally coarse. They also come in unfinished surfaces, which contribute to their overall roughness. Besides, these papers are almost always available in large sheets.

Sugar Paper Composition

Sugar papers are typically made from wood pulp. That explains the small particles visible on the paper’s surface.

Wood pulp is a lignocellulosic fibrous material that’s chemically prepared and/or mechanically isolated from cellulose fibers from wood. The substance may also be extracted from fiber crops, rags, or waste paper.

Wood pulp is the primary raw material in the manufacture of sugar paper and most other papers. However, the paper may contain a host of other organic and inorganic components, including lignin and lignin compounds.


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What Is Sugar Paper Used For?

1. Paper Crafting

Nearly all cardstock papers are used in paper crafting, and sugar paper is no exception.

Construction paper allows you to experiment with a wide range of paper crafts. You can fold, bend, curve, snip, or punch them to create different personalized crafts.

Sugar paper can be an invaluable tool in helping children bring out their creative skills through drawing, painting, stitching, and gluing. These projects can go a long way in promoting manual dexterity.

Projects involving sugar paper are also important in strengthening concentration skills. Such hobbies may be particularly helpful for kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

As already hinted, strength and robustness are the primary factors behind the popularity of sugar paper in paper crafts. Sugar papers allow you to use much glue and heavy embellishments without warping or tearing.

2. Card Making

Card making and paper crafting share one fundamental thing in common – they both require thicker paper to accomplish. Fortunately, this is another area where sugar paper has proven incredibly useful.

Card making enjoys a timeless history. Historical findings suggest that humans have been making and sending greeting cards from the ancient Chinese civilizations.

However, it was not until the 1850s that the culture of greeting cards truly caught on. That’s around the same period sugar papers also began to gain traction.

Card manufacturers found it easy to transition from costly paper-making raw materials into more affordable yet durable ones like sugar paper. And while construction paper was originally associated with informal cards like greetings cards, you can now find it in other types of cards. These include formal invitation cards and business cards.


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Wrap Up

Sugar paper is a staple in paper crafting and card making. However, remember that success in working with construction paper depends on its weight, color, and texture. So, be sure to define your needs before hitting the craft stores.

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