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Dell Scholarship Application: Process and Requirements

One fantastic scholarship program with many advantages is the Dell Scholarship Application Program. To qualify for the Dell Scholarship program, you have to be a permanent resident of the United States. You also have to be a current high school senior with a minimum GPA of 2.4. Not only this, your expected family contribution (EFC), ...

Smash Negativity Team


Left-handed People Scholarship: Types, Eligibility and Application Process

Left-handedness is a natural attribute that is associated with uniqueness and creativity. However, left-handed persons have historically faced some challenges. These challenges are in various aspects of life, including education. The Left-Handed People Scholarship is a program designed for naturally left-handed persons. This award is to support and empower lefties in their academic pursuits and ...

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Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund: Everything You Need to Know

The Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund (AOSF) is a program that aspires to offer more educational opportunities for children from low-income families in Alabama. Established in 2013, the AOSF gives out scholarships to eligible scholars or students, permitting them to attend a private school or out-of-district public school of their choice. One of the primary objectives ...