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Carbohydrates in Plants

Plants have a special capacity in the food chain and food web. They use sunlight to make their own food. Animals and plants are both significant creatures. Thus, all essential elements, including proteins, carbs, and lipids, are produced by plants. All living things need carbs as a basic source of energy but what role do ...


Different Types of Plants that Live in the Desert 

A desert environment might be harsh but it’s a rich ecosystem that houses various kinds of living things, including plants. Various plants live in the desert and thrive quite well despite the harsh temperature and water scarcity. Many desert plants grow in hot and arid regions using survival and adaptation strategies. So if you want ...


Different Types of Plants

Plants are living things that can grow in any location on Earth. It can thrive anywhere from snowy mountain slopes to dry and hot deserts. They are an essential part of our ecosystem. They produce their foods by absorbing solar energy. They are at the heart of all life on Earth, as all living things ...