Latest in ornamental plants, Slender-Giant-Aborvitae

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Slender Giant Arborvitae

The Slender Giant Arborvitae, also known as Thuja, is a variety of the arborvitaes; its tall, narrow appearance distinguishes it. It’s frequently utilized in landscape design as a vertical accent or as a privacy screen. It is an excellent choice for tiny places because it can reach up to 30 feet in height and only ...


Little Giant Globe Arborvitae

Any coniferous evergreen tree or shrub with a conical shape, thin, flaking outer bark, and fibrous inner bark is commonly referred to as an arborvitae. They feature flattened twig systems, straight, towering branches, and four rows of tiny, scale-like leaves on each of these little branches. Carried to Paris by French explorers, the first tree ...