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Chinonso Nwajiaku

Negative Effects Of An Unhealthy Lifestyle

Negative Effects Of An Unhealthy Lifestyle – 14 Worst Habits

An unhealthy lifestyle can be misinterpreted most of the time to mean different factors. Especially when it’s less paid attention to. Often these lifestyles are those little things we don’t pay attention to but incur more harm to us than any other. There are several ways people can manage stress without getting involved in unhealthy ...


11 Powerful Daily Habits to Improve Life Now!

Greatness in life doesn’t just happen by a sudden flight. It requires extreme focus, discipline, and determination daily to birth significant results. Habits and behavior are strong elements of an active lifestyle. Your entire day-to-day activities and life generally consist of little actions that compounded to produce the results you are seeing today. To get ...