Mako Meaning Japanese: Everything You Should Know

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Mako meaning Japanese, is one of the sweetest names that can either be given to a boy or a girl. However, this name is often given to female children.

The name ‘Mako’ has a Japanese origin but what is Mako meaning Japanese? We shall look at all the meanings, origins, nicknames, and popular people with this name.

Mako Meaning Japanese


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The word Mako is a combination of two Japanese words, ‘Ma’ and ‘Ko.’ In Japanese, the word ‘Ma’ means’real and genuine’ while ‘Ko’ in Japanese means ‘child’.

These two words, when put together, mean ‘a genuine child.’ Some other sources have the name Mako translated as a child of truth.

Either way, the most important thing is that the name has a positive meaning and shows that Mako is a child known for her sincerity and genuine heart.

Aside from the Mako meaning Japanese, the name also holds other meanings in other cultures and contexts. For instance, the name Mako in Maori is the name of a shark; it signifies two specific shark species.

Also, in Hawaiian culture, Mako is the equivalent of the name ‘Margo,’ and when the name is linked to a German origin, the name conveys strength.’

When the name is further traced down to the Hungarian roots, the name ‘Mako’ can be a diminutive form of either ‘Makár’ or ‘Mátyás’, which is in Hungarian the equivalent of ‘Matthew’.

Other types of surnames like Mako are Macko, Maro, Manko, Maki, Mak, Manko, Makos, Macko, and Malo.

Nick Names For Mako Meaning Japanese

Nicknames are informal names used in place of a person’s proper name. These names are most often formed from the letters of the name, by shortening the letters of the name, or by adding a prefix or suffix word to the name.

The following are some lovely nicknames for Maco and their meanings:

Makoto: Makoto, which is also a name itself, can stand in as a nickname for Mako. It is originally a Japanese name, meaning ‘sincerity’ or ‘truth’.

His name is made up of two Kanj characters: ‘Ma’, a’, which means truth, and a’koto’, to’, which means ‘thing’. The name adds to the depth of meaning.

Mac: Another perfect alternative nickname for people looking for short nicknames for Mako. It is pronounced the same way you pronounce the nickname, Mak.

These names can also serve as nicknames for Scottish names that have Mac at the beginning of their name, like Mackenzie.

Max: If you are looking for a westernized nickname for Mako, Max is a great one. It is an English nickname that also serves as a nickname for English names like Maxwell or Maximilian, which both have meanings related to greatness.

Mak: If you’re looking for a short and straightforward nickname for Mako, Mak can be a better option. Mak is the initial syllable of the name Mako, which makes it easy for people who like brevity.

Mo: Nicknames can be formed by adding letters or removing some of the letters from the original proper name. MO is a simple nickname formed by removing the two letters in the middle of the name Mako. The word ‘Mo’ has an interesting meaning, which means moment.

Maki: This is one of the lovely nicknames to choose if you are looking for an endearing nickname. The Japanese word ‘Ki’ is added as a suffix to the name.

The word ‘Ki in Japanese means ‘roll’. The addition of Ki to the first two letters of the word makes the name sound more sweet and feminine. If you are looking for a nickname that sounds more feminine, Maki will be a good one to choose.

Here are some of the lovely nicknames for Mako from which you can choose. You can choose the one whose meaning resonates with you more.

Popular People and Celebrities with the Name Mako

The name Mako has been in existence for years and to establish the fact that many parents have given this name to their children, we shall look at some of the prominent figures that bear this name.

Mako Midori is a Japanese actress who was born on March 26, 1944, in Taiwan. She had a blooming career and her debut performance in the film ‘Nishiki no mesuinu’ earned her the Blue Ribbon Award for the best new talent.

Mako Iwamatsu is another prominent personality. He was a Japanese-American actor. He was born in 1933 and died in 2006. Some films he worked with are ‘Pebbles,’ ‘Seven Samurai,’ and ‘Memoirs of a Geisha.’

Mako Kamitsuna is an American writer, editor, and film director who was born in Japan. She was awarded the special jury award at the Sundance Film Festival.

Mako Vunipola was born in 1991 in Wellington, New Zealand. He is a popular English rugby union player. He plays for the England national team and Saracens. His excellent performance has earned him many awards

Mako Yamashita is a Japanese figure skater born in 2002. She has earned several medals and awards as a skater. In 2018, she won the Skate Canada Silver Medal Award.


Conclusively, Mako meaning Japanese means truth. The child who bears the name Mako is known as the child of truth or a child with a sincere heart. Mako is a great name to give to your child if you want your child to exhibit honest character and have a pure heart.

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