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Jack Lory

Topaz Ring

Fashion Tips: Styling Your Blue Topaz Ring

Blue topaz ring is so much more than a piece of jewelry. It’s a statement, a leisurely whisper of elegance and serenity that nestles graciously on your finger. With shades that vary from the palest sky to the deepest ocean, a blue topaz ring is perfect for every outfit and adds a touch of sophistication ...

Salman Rahat

Unlocking Style: Choosing the Right Jeans for Men Based on Body Type

Jeans are a cornerstone of men’s wardrobes. They are comfortable, versatile and can be dressed up or down on any occasion. With so many styles and fits out there, finding the perfect pair can feel overwhelming. You need to understand how different jeans flatter different body types! This guide will unlock the secrets of denim ...

Hassan Javed

Bridal Lehengas

10 Must-Haves Designer Bridal Lehengas for Bride-To-Be 

Make your wedding more attractive by showcasing a stunning assortment of designer bridal lehengas that reimagine classic elegance. With an orchestra of traditional reds and golds, you will discover a harmonious fusion of modernity and culture. This carefully curated collection features lehengas that are a step above the conventional and offer brides a unique canvas ...

Jack Lory


Metals used in jewellery – Platinum

The history of platinum Platinum is a familiar metal. Most people only know that platinum is very expensive and can be used to make jewellery. Many people think that platinum is a metal that has only appeared in modern times. In fact, the history of platinum can be traced back 2 billion years and is ...