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31 Inspiring Christian Quotes About Women

Christianity has shaped history, and its views on women have been debated. Some have argued that Christianity has been oppressive towards women, while others maintain that it has been a liberating force for women. In any case, Christ Jesus our role model has modeled a path that laid the foundation for the liberation of women ...


45+ William Shakespeare Quotes About Women

William Shakespeare was an iconic playwright in the history of mankind. His characters are among the most unforgettable in literature. Shakespeare’s quotes about women have a lot to say about the icon’s view of the feminine gender. His portrayal of women is particularly noteworthy. The female characters featured in his books range from powerful and ...

Chinonso Nwajiaku

20+ Inspiring Mahatma Gandhi Thoughts On Education

Mahatma Gandhi is a legendary figure in world history, revered for his commitment to nonviolent resistance and his persistent efforts to advance causes of social equity, global harmony, and personal liberation. Gandhi was not just a political activist, but a remarkable thinker and supporter of education. Educators and students all across the globe have been ...