10 Eco-friendly Gifts For Kids

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Children are the treasure and essence of life. The purpose of parenting is provoked by the ability to read between the lines. Most responsible parents are cautious about the kind of treatment their kids get.

As a parent who knows the responsibilities that come with his mantle, standing on a decision is pretty difficult as regards choices made for and by one’s kids. The energy and time involved in finding gifts that are environmentally friendly for kids seems like a hard nut to crack, as most of the gifts one can find out there for kids are either plastic-packaged or made of ingredients that are not organic.

It can be a really hard decision to make as one bears in mind actions that might hinder the tranquility he enjoys. The funniest thing is that most of the gifts that are made of inorganic components look fancy and endearing or appeal to people visually.

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This factor makes children even more attracted to them. The threat that comes with plastic waste in our environment is quite enormous. The damage is waiting to happen. You find yourself in the middle of trying to be the best you can be for your kids and having to consider the adverse effects the gifts you bring home might have on the environment. That’s why it’s called parenting.

In this article, you will be enlightened on the choices you can put into consideration as regards eco-friendly gifts for kids.

10 Eco-friendly Gifts For Kids

1.  Plan Toy

When trying to get eco-friendly gifts for kids, especially toys, try Plan Toys. Their major preoccupation is to produce green wooden toys that are safe for kids by making use of principles that are nature-friendly.

They have the zeal to make the environment lovable, which is why they are involved in the production of toys made from rubberwood. All the materials they use in production are natural, and their outputs are endearing.

2. Frugi

Numerous garments in our everyday wardrobe incorporate various forms of plastic, such as polyester or nylon, which can pose threats to sustainability. This issue becomes particularly evident when seeking all-natural clothing options for children, especially when the market is inundated with a vast array of fast-fashion items vying for consumer attention.

However, a remarkable discovery in the realm of eco-friendly fashion is Frugi. This brand offers a diverse and extensive range of sustainably sourced organic products, making it an exceptional find for eco-conscious individuals.

Among their remarkable selection, they have singled out a vibrant bobble hat as their top recommendation, suitable for both boys and girls.

Frugi goes beyond this singular item, as their entire collection comprises sustainable fabrics. Whether you’re in search of a colorful knit, an organic t-shirt, or any other clothing essentials for young children, their online store excels at providing a plethora of sustainable gift options.

An essential aspect of Frugi’s commitment to sustainability is their production process, which is done in a factory that is certified fair trade. This ensures that workers are remunerated fairly for their labor, reflecting Frugi’s dedication to ethical manufacturing practices.

By choosing Frugi, not only can you delight in their appealing and eco-friendly product range, but you can also support a brand that upholds fairness and sustainability throughout its operations.

3. Organic Cotton Beanie

As an alternative option for gift choices related to headwear, it is advisable to make use of these rare organic cotton beanies that are thoughtfully designed and handcrafted in Osaka, Japan. These beanies are designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, making use of organic materials that are environmentally friendly.

The beanies are thoroughly handmade and are available in a diverse range of colors. You can find elegant neutral shades such as creams and browns as well as vibrant options like reds and oranges. This wide color selection ensures that there is a beanie to suit every individual’s style and preference.

What makes these beanies even more special is their suitability for winter gifts. Crafted from organic materials, they provide warmth and comfort while embodying a commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices. These beanies are particularly well-suited for eco-kids and young ones who appreciate the importance of organic materials and environmentally conscious choices.

By opting for these organic cotton beanies, you not only offer a practical and stylish accessory but also support a culture of handmade craftsmanship and sustainable fashion.

4. Creative Supplies and DIY Supplies

When you try unleashing the boundless imagination of environmentally conscious kids, they have the ability to make a plethora of amazing creations. To support their artistic endeavors, it is quite essential for you to have a readily available assortment of eco-friendly crafting supplies.

Fortunately, there is a comprehensive list of eco-friendly pens and pencils that are ideal for budding artists. Additionally, traditional favorites such as wax crayons and chalk are excellent gift options as they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

For older children, a fantastic gift idea is an eco-friendly art supply kit. Look for materials made from natural recycled yarn or paper, which not only foster creativity but also align with sustainable practices. To further ignite their artistic passion, consider including a how-to craft book that offers inspiration and guidance.

Alternatively, an e-book can be an excellent addition, allowing them to explore a variety of projects that perfectly complement their eco-friendly art supplies.

By providing eco-friendly crafting materials and educational resources, you empower your children to express themselves creatively while instilling a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

5. Pacha Soap Co (Watermelon Lemonade Soap Slime)

Try to indulge in a delightfully tactile and satisfying hygienic experience with this versatile and child-friendly body wash, oozing with irresistible goodness. This luscious concoction is thoroughly formulated using exclusively natural components, prominently featuring the nourishing essence of watermelon seed oil.

Not only does it lavish the skin with gentle hydration, but it also adeptly purifies, leaving behind a pristine and refreshed complexion. Mindfully created to be free from any harmful toxins, this hypoallergenic elixir ensures a worry-free bathing ritual. Furthermore, its ingenious design facilitates effortless rinsing, guaranteeing a hassle-free cleanup process.

6.  Pacha Soap Co. Kids Bath Crayons

Prepare for an enchanting and visually stimulating bathing experience! Introduce your child to a world of vibrant hues as bath time transforms into a colorful adventure. Unlock their imagination with the aid of these lustrous bath crayons, skillfully crafted using plant-derived colorants.

Not only do these crayons exhibit exceptional durability, but they also boast a non-toxic composition, ensuring the utmost safety for your little one. Encouraging creativity and conscious play, these specially designed bath crayons feature an ergonomic shape that aids in the development of fine motor skills.

Say goodbye to residue with the convenient wash-away formula, which provides a pristine canvas for endless artistic expression during each bath session.

7. theo+leigh Kids Face Mask: Rainbow

You might want to consider empowering your kid with a delightful and fascinating accessory: the Theo + Leigh Kids Face Mask in Rainbow. Bedecked with vivid rainbows and charming hearts, this whimsical mask is designed to bring joy and excitement to your little one’s outfit. Beyond its enchanting aesthetics, this mask serves a paramount purpose by providing enhanced protection against airborne viruses and bacteria. By diligently wearing this playful mask, your child can navigate their surroundings with an extra layer of defense. Prioritizing both style and safety, the Theo + Leigh Kids Face Mask ensures that your kid’s well-being remains at the forefront while adding a touch of whimsy to their daily routine.

8. help Kids Unicorn Sparkle Fluoride Toothpaste

Introduce your child to the enchanting world of oral care with the Hello Kids Unicorn Sparkle Fluoride Toothpaste, a delightful product designed to inspire and motivate little ones to take care of their teeth.

This captivating toothpaste comes in a tube adorned with sparkles, capturing the attention and imagination of children. Within each tube lies a toothpaste formula carefully crafted using premium sweeteners such as xylitol and stevia, complemented by the delightful flavor of bubble gum.

The combination of these high-quality ingredients, along with a touch of unicorn magic, creates an experience that not only makes brushing teeth enjoyable but also encourages children aged two and above to cultivate good hygiene habits.

By incorporating this toothpaste into their daily routine, your child will embark on a journey of dental care with excitement and enthusiasm, setting the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

9. Well-Assorted Space Adhesive Bandage

Express your affection for the Welly Assorted Space Adhesive Bandages, which are truly cosmic in their appeal. These captivating children’s bandages showcase captivating designs that transport young minds to the far reaches of the universe.

Featuring constellations, stars, planets, and other celestial elements, these bandages are a treat for space enthusiasts, igniting their passion for all things extraterrestrial. Not only are they visually enticing, but these bandages also boast practical benefits. They seal securely on all four sides, providing a reliable barrier against germs and dirt and ensuring optimal protection for minor wounds.

Additionally, their gentle adhesive formulation assures a tear-free removal experience, offering comfort and reassurance to both kids and parents alike. The Welly Assorted Space Adhesive Bandages are a stellar choice for nurturing a love for space exploration while tending to boo-boos and ensuring a hygienic healing process.

10. Green Kids Crafts

Established more than ten years ago, Green Kids Crafts has been dedicated to providing subscription boxes brimming with eco-friendly art and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) projects that children adore. Over the course of their operation, they have successfully dispatched over a million of these thoughtfully and exceptionally curated boxes.

Collaborating with educators and subject matter experts, each box encompasses an array of projects, kits, and toys that foster learning through hands-on play. With a diverse range of options, you can select a box that aligns with your child’s interests, whether it be science, bees, animals, or more.

Furthermore, Green Kids Crafts has tailored boxes to cater to children of all age groups, spanning from toddlers (aged 3 and above) to older kids (aged 10 and above).

In an effort to reduce waste, each box is thoughtfully packaged using renewable or recyclable materials. Moreover, Green Kids Crafts takes responsibility for their shipping emissions by offsetting them. An additional benefit is that the contents of these boxes are not only educational and enjoyable but also crafted from sustainable materials, ensuring a commitment to environmental consciousness.

Recognized for their outstanding contributions, Green Kids Crafts has received numerous accolades and holds certification from Green America, an assurance of their genuine commitment to sustainability. This makes their subscription boxes an exceptional choice for eco-friendly gifts for kids.

In conclusion, it is wise and important to make decisions that will help preserve the environment we live in. Getting eco-friendly gifts for kids is one way to reduce the hazards that can emerge as a result of the incessant handling of waste. It behooves parents to get their kids involved in matters that are as important as being environmentally conscious while trying to put a smile on their faces. The aforementioned products, brands, and ideas are succinct and quite richly encompassing in the bid to enlighten parents who find themselves in a help-with-a-valuable-option state on matters regarding eco-friendly gifts for their kids.


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