10 Tips For Spectacular Hot Air Balloon Photography

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Imagine floating peacefully in a colourful hot air balloon, camera in hand, ready to capture the beauty below. That’s the essence of hot air balloon photography, which is a mix of adventure and artistry, offering stunning photos and unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re a budding photographer or simply love the idea of taking breathtaking hot air balloon photography during a thrilling ride, this article will help you explore hot air balloon photography.

Let’s discover some hot air balloon photoshoot ideas, techniques, and tips to make your hot air balloon photoshoot truly stand out.

1. Catching the Golden Hour

The first rule of hot air balloon photography is to schedule your flight during the golden hour, either shortly after sunrise or just before sunset. The soft, warm light during these times adds a magical touch to your photos, casting a golden glow over the landscapes below.

2. The Right Equipment Matters

Having the right gear is very important to capture stunning photographs. This is why you must first start your hot air photography adventures by opting for the right gear. To simplify the search, you can opt for a DSLR camera, as these are known to produce high-quality images, and if you pair them with different lenses, you will have the flexibility to capture a wide variety of shots.

3. Experimenting with Composition

When composing your hot air balloon shots, the sky’s the limit! So, get creative by experimenting with various angles and compositions. For instance, you can create a captivating contrast by capturing the vibrant balloon against the open sky. Frame your shot through the balloon’s basket to offer viewers a unique perspective as if they’re riding along with you. And don’t forget to include the ground crew in some shots; it adds a sense of scale and brings the whole ballooning experience to life.

4. Wide Angle Magic And Showcasing The Scenery

To effectively capture the beauty of the landscapes below, you should grab your wide-angle lens. This versatile tool will allow you to encompass both the breathtaking scenery and the hot air balloon in a single frame. All these features make it perfect for emphasising the vastness of the surroundings, which helps you capture awe-inspiring shots that encapsulate the beauty of your hot air balloon adventure.

5. Capturing the Balloon’s Majesty Through Verticle Orientation

Remember to switch to a vertical orientation to accentuate the height and majesty of the hot air balloon. This technique can lead to striking and dramatic photos that emphasise the soaring nature of your flight. Vertical shots can also highlight the intricate details of the balloon, showcasing its elegance and craftsmanship in a whole new light.

6. Including Passengers

Hot air balloon rides often elicit a sense of wonder and excitement in passengers. So, don’t miss the opportunity to capture their emotions, reactions, and interactions with the stunning surroundings. Candid shots of people in awe add a human touch to your photos, bringing a sense of joy and shared adventure into your visual storytelling. These shots not only document the beauty of the landscapes but also the thrill of the experience itself.

7. Tell a Story By Sequencing Your Shots

Think of your hot air balloon photos as chapters in a captivating story. Begin by capturing the balloon’s inflation, showcasing the careful preparation of this airborne adventure. As the flight takes off, follow its progression through your lens, documenting the changing landscapes and the passengers’ reactions. And don’t forget to capture the excitement and anticipation during the landing phase. This storytelling approach adds depth and narrative to your hot air balloon photography, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the entire journey from start to finish.

8. Mind The Weather And Be Prepared

Keep an eye on the weather conditions leading up to your photoshoot. Calm winds and clear skies are ideal, but some clouds can add drama to your pictures. Be prepared for sudden weather changes and protect your equipment.

9. Editing Magic

After your hot air balloon photoshoot, enhance your images with post-processing. Adjust exposure, contrast, and colours to make your photos pop. Don’t overdo it; aim for a natural look that reflects the beauty you witnessed.

10. Share Your Adventure And Inspire Others

Lastly, share your hot air balloon pictures and experiences with others. Social media, photography forums, and blogs are great platforms to inspire fellow photographers and adventurers.


Hot air balloon photoshoots offer a unique blend of adventure and photography. By following these hot air balloon photography tips, you’ll be well on your way to capturing amazing photos that encapsulate the beauty and magic of ballooning.

So, grab your camera, book your balloon flights in Melbourne, and take to the skies for an unforgettable photography journey.

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