Will a Guy Ghost You If He Likes You? 7 Tested Facts

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Will a Guy Ghost You If He Likes You? Have you had the experience of dating a guy and all was well with the both of you? You hung out, did many things together, and had fun and interesting activities.

And then suddenly he stopped all communication and became incommunicado? You tried reaching out, but he blocked every access to reach him and never responded to any of your messages, calls, etc.

That’s ghosting. Ghosting is a universal thing. It happens across social circumstances.

It can happen to anyone. It can even be from a client, friend or family member, but it is worse when it comes from a lover.

When a guy suddenly disappears, he cuts off all contact with you. No longer accepts or responds to your calls, emails, or texts. It’s emotionally hurtful and not the best way to end a relationship.

Many people put up this act without knowing the negative emotional effects on who they the people. It is an inconsiderate way to cut someone off.

As a guy, there are many ways you can end a relationship with your partner other than by ghosting. Ghosting her is a poor and immature way to go. Most times, they still come back after disappearing for some time; sometimes they don’t.

To throw more light on this topic, “What’s ghosting?” Ghosting is when someone suddenly cuts off every relationship or communication with you without any sign, warning,  or explanation and also ignores every subsequent attempt to sort things out or communicate.

There are many reasons why a guy can ghost you.

A guy can ghost you because they don’t dare to officially end it with you.

He might do it intentionally or out of fear. It might be that he doesn’t have any interest in continuing the relationship again.

It could be that he lacks communication skills. A guy can ghost tour because he has some personal issues that stress him out and wants some solo time. It could still be that he has started dating someone else.

That brings us to the main topic of our discussion: “Will a guy ghost you if he likes you”? The answer is yes! It’s possible for a guy to ghost you and still like you.

By the end of this article, we will know more reasons why a guy can ghost you even when they have feelings for you and like you.

Some of these several common reasons include:

Will a Guy Ghost You If He Likes You? 9 Reasons Why He Does That


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1. Fear Of Being Rejected

A guy can ghost you even when he has feelings for you just because of fear of rejection. It might be that he’s afraid that expressing his feelings for you will lead to rejection.

So he can choose to disappear instead and ghost you. Rejection stings. It can also be his fear of confrontation. He doesn’t have the effrontery to simply put in the effort to even say something as simple as, “Sorry I’m not interested in continuing this relationship again, but I wish you all the best” or even, “Sorry I have someone else.”

He can ghost you to avoid any opportunity for you to ask him questions about his recent behaviour. He is afraid that if he says anything regarding why he no longer talks with you, you will go haywire.

As a guy, it’s wiser to inform her why you’re ghosting her. That will help her cope or allow her to ask why, or even say  “Okay, thanks for letting me know. I appreciate that.” Or say, “Oh okay. That’s surprising. Can you tell me why?”

2. Emotional Immaturity

Some guys don’t know the best and easy ways to handle their emotions or communicate their feelings effectively. A guy can like you and still ghost you just because he lacks the emotional stability and maturity to date you.

It can also be that he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings and instead of informing you, he settles to ghost you. This sounds so funny because a guy who has feelings for you and still ghosts you believes he’s sparing your feelings.

He thinks that by ghosting, he’s being nicer than actually saying he’s not interested. Even though it requires less of his time, energy, and communication, it doesn’t do anything to make your feelings any less hurt.

It’s wise to let her know why you are quitting so she can move on.

When a guy ends it with you, you’ll have the opportunity to start all over and move on. But if he ghosts you, it’s like keeping you in a spot.

You just sit and keep brooding over what you did or said wrong to deserve such treatment. You’ll be so worried if something has happened to him. You might still be waiting with the expectation that he’s coming back eventually. As a ghost, this isn’t the best way to go.

3. Low Self-esteem

It’s an issue when a guy doesn’t believe that he deserves someone like you for a relationship. He may self-sabotage and ghost you, even though he has feelings for you.

A guy may self-sabotage if he thinks he doesn’t deserve you. If he has low self-esteem and low self-confidence. A guy who likes you but has low self-esteem can ghost you.

He may feel that you’re too good for him and don’t deserve you. He might decide to shut himself off even though his heart beats for you. He may feel safer completely cutting off the relationship because he’s so anxious about how you would view him if the relationship kickstarts.

Don’t forget that you’re not responsible for how a guy feels about you. It solely depends on him. This means that he needs more time to grow and be more mentally mature.

4. He’s Dealing With His Personal Life

People have many things they battle with every day of their lives. Some of these issues are not visible to the eyes. He may be dealing with personal problems or stress that makes him withdraw from social interactions and communication with you, even though he still likes you.

He might not respond the way you want because he has personal issues that have kept him busy.

If a guy has other things going on in his life,  his conversation with you may drop. To make it easier so he is focused, he might ghost you. To him, this will ease the stress of feeling embarrassed when he realizes that he hasn’t responded.

He does this so you don’t ask what happened. This isn’t the best approach.

It’s wise to take even a  minute or two to send a message intimating to her that you have something going on in your life. She deserves to be in the know.

5. Commitment Issues

A guy who has commitment issues can ghost you, even when he likes you. Relationships demand trust and commitment. He can like you and still ghost you because he’s not ready for a relationship or to stay committed.

To avoid falling too soon or disappointing you, he might choose to take a step back from communication.

Again, if he recently came out of a relationship, he might ghost you if he feels that you’re moving too fast. He might pull back and go quiet as he’s not ready for any instant commitment. It’s not your fault.

You don’t have anything to do with that. It’s just he’s not yet emotionally stable and ready for another commitment and a relationship. He might just need more time to heal and figure out what he wants and needs from a relationship.

Fear of his commitment or a desire to avoid getting too emotionally involved with you can lead to ghosting. Knowing this early will help you make the right decision.

6. He Just Lost An Interest

A guy who likes you can also ghost you if he suddenly loses interest in you. He might decide to move on quietly without intimating you if he feels that there’s no emotional connection between you two.

It can be because, for some time that you both have been on a date, he didn’t feel that romantic or emotional spark. He might stop talking to let you know he’s not interested.

He might have mixed feelings and conflicting emotions and not know how to navigate them. Making him have a lack of interest. This happens because the initial feelings aren’t as strong as he first thought. You both didn’t feel the same level of attraction as he did when you first started chatting.

He might have thought the attraction would grow with time, which never happened. This shouldn’t be the end of life as many others deserve you out there.

7. He’s Seeing Someone Else

A guy can like you and still ghost just because there’s a new catch. It might be that he wants to use the ghosting period to have a taste of another. Probably, someone better came along and he decided to switch.

Many guys find it hard to keep a single partner. They feel it’s normal to date many women, before finally settling down. They might even be going out on different dates with several girls at the same time.

It’s possible that when you first met him, he liked you a lot. He kept talking to other girls, and maybe he met someone else who he liked better. That doesn’t mean he didn’t like you.

It just means that he liked someone better. And instead of being honest, he just chose to ignore you and focus on her. He finds it hard to engage in a difficult conversation to let you know that.


In summary, people have various reasons for ghosting. Whatever it’s, It’s very important to communicate openly with someone you’re interested in to understand their intentions and expectations, rather than assuming or entering a ghosting mode. A healthy relationship is built on trust, openness, communication and transparency.

Ghosting someone will take away every opportunity to talk and process things, which will allow you to make the right decision and heal.

Without conversation, ghosting will make one question her worth and ask what they did wrong or if the person ever really liked them. This can even lead one to trauma and other severe emotions like depression or anxiety.” if not well handled.

Ghosting can be hurtful and confusing. It’s heartbreaking. And if you’re the ghost, it’s emotionally mature to communicate and not keep her in a spot.

It’s also important to remember that ghosting reflects more on the ghost doing the ghosting than on you. Open and honest communication is the key to every relationship. Anything can be the reason for ghosting someone.

If you’ve been ghosted and you can’t find any reason for such, don’t forget that your life shouldn’t be in a spot. Understand that life is full of challenges and people differ. Heal from every one of your confusions and move on.

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