What Does it Mean When a Girl Calls You Cute? – 12 Things it Means

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The word ‘cute’ might not translate to the general meaning we think it refers to. “Cute” is an adjective and it is defined according to the Oxford Dictionary as; ‘appealing in a pretty or endearing way.’ It is also defined to mean ‘sexually attractive; good looking’.

This meaning is not strange to us, but it could mean other things in other contexts. Words can have even deeper meanings than the surface meaning they have. That is why words should not just be interpreted by the way they appear but also by the context and situation in which they are used.

What does it mean when a girl calls you cute? Being called cute by a girl is not necessarily because of your physical looks. Maybe if she is even asked to give a physical description of what she considers to be cute, you don’t even meet the criteria.

For example, a girl might find tall, dark guys with six-packs attractive and calls them cute, while she does not find short, light guys attractive. What then happens if she calls a guy who she is not physically attracted to cute?

This simply tells us that there are other qualities about the guy that make the girl think of him as a cute person.

If this is the case, it is only right that we look at other possible meanings or interpretations that the word cute may have?

What does it mean when a girl calls you cute?

1. She thinks you are intelligent

An intelligent person is someone who is knowledgeable and skilled. It can also be interchangeably used to mean brilliance. When a girl sees a guy who has a vast knowledge on a variety of topics or exhibits some kind of expertise in his skill.

Girls effortlessly find such an ability or skill intriguing. If a girl finds you cute because you are intelligent, it means that she has been observing you and wonders how you have so much knowledge and understanding about different things.

This can make a girl think of you as a really cute person. So, instead of saying ‘You are intelligent’ she might just go on to tell you that you are cute.

2.You are kind


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Girls like it when they find a guy who is kind to them. This is because such guys are gracious, sympathetic, and always willing to help them. Kindness has a way of melting one’s heart. A kind guy has a way of creating a positive impression in a girl’s mind. Girls think guys with such kind characters are cool.

To let you know that they find your kindness to be something they like about you, they can call you cute instead of just saying kind.

One way to know this is what she means is that after helping her out or saving her from a messy situation, she can tell you that you are cute. In this kind of situation, what she is talking about is not your physical appearance. I hope you already know what she is talking about.

3. She finds you funny


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Guys with a good sense of humor are very likable people. Girls like this kind of guy because he knows how to crack them up and make them smile. They may want to always be around this kind of person and hang out with them because they are never bored around such people.

Also, if a girl finds a guy funny, it might just be the way he acts or behaves that makes her smile. If you are a guy with this quality and you are wondering what it means when a girl calls you cute, it means that she thinks you are a funny person.

4. She is trying to be nice to you

One other possible reason a girl might call you cute is because she is trying to be nice to you. She wants to leave a very good impression of herself and does not want you to see her as a mean or cold person.

One way people can achieve this is by complimenting you. Maybe the compliment does not carry as much meaning for her as you think. What matters to her is your perception of her.  The moment you think that she is a nice person for calling you cute, then the mission is accomplished.

5. She likes your idea

Girls may find you cute if you are someone who has an idea or a solution for every little problem they have. Aside from being able to solve their problems or give them useful opinions, they can use them when they need to.

If you are someone who thinks outside the box and is very creative, a girl will be very impressed and might consider you a cute person.

6. She is attempting to strike up a conversation with you

‘You are cute’ could sometimes be a conversation starter for others. She wants to talk to you but does not know how to start or what question to ask you. If you are not someone who she is very close to, she wants to start the conversation with a pleasant word because she wants you to know what she thinks of you.

She knows that making such comments about you will make you respond to her by saying something like,

‘Really, what do you find cute about me?’

your response will open the door to having more conversation with you, just as she intends.

7. She likes you

Don’t we all find good things to say about the people we like?

We hardly see the flaws in the people we like. It justifies the reason why she calls you cute if she likes you.

She won’t think that you are cute if she doesn’t think that she likes you. When a girl tells you that you are cute, she is indirectly telling you that she likes you or that she likes something about you.

8. She likes how you care about her

Girls like guys who are their friends and care about them. They like a guy who pampers them and always checks on them to see if they are fine. This can make her think of you as a very important person in her life and make her think that you are a cute person.

9. She doesn’t mean it

Calling you cute does not exactly mean that you are cute. This is because the word ‘cute’ might merely stand as an ironic expression. This means that she might be referring to the opposite of what she is saying.

It is important for you as a guy to pay attention to detail and be able to detect the tone of sarcasm. It is especially common among Africans to use irony or sarcasm when talking.

Imagine a situation where you are looking very unkempt and a lady finds you looking this way. Do you think she will think of you as a cute person when she sees you this way?

What if she now calls you cute, even in your state of being unkempt? What message do you think she is passing across? In this kind of context, the girl does not mean her words, even when she calls you cute.

10. She is trying to boost your confidence

Another reason she calls you cute is because she wants to make you feel good about yourself. She is trying to make you see the good in yourself and see reasons why you need to believe in yourself.

This might be because she notices that the guy lacks confidence and feels inferior among his colleagues. Her way of telling him that he is cute is to encourage him to believe that he has strength and only has to start believing in himself.

A lot of positive words have ways of boosting other people’s morale. The word cute can therefore just refer to a word of encouragement, depending on the situation.

11. She finds you attractive

The general meaning that we are all accustomed to when someone uses the word cute is that the person is good-looking.  This might also be the exact thing a girl means when she calls you cute. This can be what she means by calling you cute.

12. She likes the way you smile

I am sure you have heard words like ‘ I like the way you smile.’ A smile has a way of making people look so beautiful that you would think of no other words to say than to tell them that they are cute. This is because they are really cute.

A girl might refer to a guy as a cute person because she likes it when he smiles, especially guys who smile often. Being called cute by a girl can therefore mean that she likes the way you smile.

In conclusion, the word ‘cute’ generally means mostly positive things, as we have seen. The only thing is that you need to be sure of what the word means since it seems ambiguous. Make sure you can relate to the events happening at the time when such a comment is made by a woman. It will help you understand what she means.

Another way to find out what she means is to ask her what she thinks is cute about you in a polite way.

When she calls you cute, instead of just saying ‘thank you.’

It will be better if you say, ‘What do you find cute about me?’

This question will help you clarify things better so that you know if it is your personality she is referring to or your physical looks.

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