What Do Guys Think When A Girl Says ‘I Love You’ First

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What do guys think when a girl says ‘I love you’ first? This is a thing that girls usually want to find out. Girls want to know how guys feel when they hear these words.

Psychologists have made it known that men are more likely to say the first ‘I love you’ to a girl. It takes a girl more time to say the first ‘I love you.’ than it will take a guy but what do guys think when a girl says ‘I love you’ first?

I know a lot of girls avoid being the first to profess their love to a guy. This is because they don’t know how the concerned guy will feel. The only reason that makes a girl bothered is because they are used to hearing the first ‘I love you’ from a guy.

If we think of it, do you think it matters who says ‘I love you’ first? Why should a girl have to go through the trouble of being bothered about what people will think because she is professing love to a guy first? I mean who made the rule that men should be the first person to express their love for a girl?

What happens when a girl likes a guy but she is not being asked out by the guy? She should deny herself, love, because some people have made it look like it’s not a usual thing for a girl to tell a guy that she likes him first when she does.

Although everyone’s thought or belief does not have to align over an issue. Everybody can not agree on the same thing.

However, most guys like it when a girl says the word ‘I love you’ to them first. Some guys feel it is not cool for a girl to do that. We shall take an objective approach by trying to consider both sides of the matter. What do guys think when a girl says ‘I love you’ first?

1.He thinks you are a confident woman

We all know it only takes a woman with a lot of courage and boldness to say the first ‘I love you’ to any guy. Expressing your feelings to a guy first makes him see you as a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go for whatever she wants.

He will like this about you because you are vocal about your thought. Even though some guys might like this confidence about you other guys might see it as a threat. Some guys have insecurity issues and they hate a woman’s gut, these types of guys won’t like this kind of woman appealing because they think she may order them around.

2.He feels special and desired



Girls professing their feelings to a guy first is not something that he gets to hear every day. There is even a possibility that he has never met a girl who tells him those three words first. This is unlike a girl who hears it often and it is almost becoming a regular sound to her.

When a guy eventually gets the opportunity for a woman to express her feelings for him, he may feel flattered at first, but it eventually makes him feel good about himself. It is a special feeling to feel desired by a girl. It might even make him lose his sleep because he is wondering if he heard you right.

Everyone likes to feel wanted by others and guys want to feel wanted too. They say good things are not for one person. Love is a beautiful thing and you should never feel ashamed to let a guy know if you truly love him.

3.He sees you as an honest person

A guy will see you differently when you can let out your mind. He will see you as a straightforward person, and he will appreciate you for that. Telling a guy you love him first is not a big deal; it is just you being honest about the way you feel.

So, if you want to tell a guy you love him, it is okay and there is nothing wrong with that. It is your truth, in as much as you are being truthful about it, you should not feel bad about it or deny yourself a chance to be with someone you love.

4.He feels he is every girl’s desire

Individuals react to things differently. The way we react to issues is determined by several things, such as our personal experience(s), our exposure, cultural values, and other things influencing the way we think. Some people let things get into their heads.

Let me make an illustration for you so that you can understand what I am talking about. Some guys are already used to being told first by a girl that she loves them. These types of guys may feel like every woman’s dream.

If he is this kind of person, he might start feeling that he looks hot, which is why women are chasing him. If he is someone like this, he might disrespect you and act rudely toward you.

If that type of guy decides to be in a relationship with you, he may constantly remind you he has girls who are dying to be with him anytime you quarrel or fight with him.

As a lady, it is important that the guy you like likes you back. Don’t be with a man who disrespects you, regardless of your feelings for him. Don’t be so engrossed by your feelings for him that you ignore the signs of disrespect. You deserve to be with someone who sees your value and can treat you right.

5.He may seem unsure about his feelings

When you tell a guy that you love him first, he may start to think about how he feels about you. He may start to think of so many things; maybe it is something he does not see coming. He might have never thought of you as someone he wants to be with, or maybe there is someone else he likes to give you a response to immediately.

Give him time to process his thoughts and think things through. If you get an ‘ I love you too’ response back from him, it means that he has also been thinking about you.

However, in a situation where he seems confused, he may be wondering if he is ready to be committed to you. If you confess to him first, don’t expect that he will give you positive feedback immediately. You should understand that not everyone we like has to like us back. It does not mean that there is anything wrong with you but that is just the way it is at times.

6.He feels excited and happy

It gives one joy when one knows that there is someone who loves him or her. If you are wondering how telling him you like him first will make him feel or think, it will gladden heart. is It takes a girl with an in-depth genuine love to confess that she loves a guy first.

He might even feel like he just won a jackpot for being told by a woman that she loves him first. Imagine how much happier he will be if he likes you too and you tell him that you love him. He will feel like you are just like a dream come true for him and how do you feel when you just actualize one of your dreams? happy, I guess.

7.He feels pressured

Another thing that runs through a guy’s heart when you tell him that you love him first is that he feels like he does not have to go through the trouble of professing love to a girl.

Most of the time men give a positive answer to girls who tell them that they love them first. It also comes with less pressure. It is not usually the same thing as when a guy tells a girl he loves her first.

A guy might have to do extra things to convince a girl of his love for her. It may take days, months, or even up to a year, as the case may be, before a girl accepts a man’s love. It becomes a lot of pressure for a guy to do that and probably ends up being rejected.

It is not the same case for guys. When they find a girl who tells them ‘I love you’ first they see it as a very good opportunity to save them the trouble and pressure of telling it to a girl first. It only means that his work has been made much easier. For this reason, he is most likely to consider your feelings and be with you.

8.He thinks it is not ladylike

I have mentioned it earlier that everyone can not have the same opinion about a particular thing. The way we think is different and people are entitled to their beliefs. Some things other people consider right may be abnormal practices to others.

Even though no rule says that a girl can not tell a guy that she loves him first, some people still think that the first ‘I love you’ should be from a guy. These guys think it is inappropriate for a girl to be the one to profess love first.

Exposure also matters in the way we see and judge things. These people may be very conservative and maybe they do not understand that times have changed. Gone were the days when this looked absurd.

They need to understand that professing love is not a gender role and anyone can profess love first, regardless of their sex or age.

9.He thinks it is against culture or tradition

Our cultural background shapes the way we see things. Culture is made up of what we consider norms and beliefs. The norms and beliefs of a group of people are different from those of others. In some cultures, they believe a man must tell a woman that he loves her first.

A girl should not be supposed to do that. In some other people’s cultures, a lady is the one who should profess her love to a guy first. That is why when some people are exposed to the cultures of people different from theirs, they may experience cultural shock.

If he is a man of culture- someone who has so much belief in cultural things he may think it is against his cultural beliefs.

In conclusion, do not be afraid to tell a man you love him if you do. You should not worry too much about what he will say when you tell him that you love him. Think of it, the worst he can say is that he is not into you.

Even if this is the case, it should not make you feel bad in any way. You should learn how to handle rejection and move on with your life. We can’t always get what we want.

It is better to let him know how you feel about him than to deny yourself the opportunity to be with the person you love because you are afraid of what he will say or think. It doesn’t matter who professes love to the other first, the most important thing is that you love him and he feels the same about you.



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