West Virginia’s Unique Music Scene: A Deep Dive into Mountain Stage and More

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Here we will go over West Virginia’s Unique Music Scene and take a deep dive into Mountain Sage and more.

West Virginia, also known as the mountain state, is a beautiful state known for its scenery, outdoor adventures, and contributions to the music industry. The live music radio station “Mountain Stage” is partially to thank for its vibrant music scene, however, the state also offers musical attractions that lure tourists from around the country.

Keep reading to learn about Mountain Stage, the state’s various music festivals, and the exciting Mountain Music Trail.

Mountain Stage and Its Impact on the WV Music Scene

Mountain Stage is a live music radio program in West Virginia that showcases a wide range of genres and artists of all fame levels. Since its inception in 1983, the station has gained a dedicated audience of listeners eager to discover new stars and enjoy classics from all generations.

Many prominent musical artists found fame on the Mountain Stage. Artists like Cake, Bruce Hornsby, Judy Collins, Norah Jones, and Martina McBride have been featured on the show. These appearances in addition to the show’s ability to introduce impressive new talent have played a major role in what West Virginia’s music scene is today.

Mountain Stage has always showcased West Virginia artists and musicians, helping them to reach a larger audience. This has helped local talent to become known both inside and outside the state. The station also focuses on traditional and folk music which keeps the state’s musical heritage alive. Mountain Stage invites Appalachian and folk artists from around the country and within the state to the show, keeping traditions relevant and accessible.


Throughout the year, West Virginia hosts a diverse lineup of music fairs, showcasing the nation’s vibrant cultural scene and celebrating a huge variety of musical genres.

These fairs entice each neighborhood and country wide expertise, offering music enthusiasts the chance to experience stay performances, participate in workshops, and immerse themselves inside the particular musical tradition of West Virginia.

Some of the most notable music festivals include:

The Vandalia Gathering- This is a free festival held in Charleston and is a celebration of West Virginia’s heritage and Appalachian music. It features traditional music performances, dance demonstrations, storytelling, and artisan workshops.

Mountain Music Festival- This festival is held in New River Gorge and is also a celebration of Appalachian music in addition to outdoor adventure, and family fun. The Mountain Music Festival is unique because it adds a mix of bluegrass, folk, and rock to the lineup. While at the festival, you can also enjoy whitewater rafting and zip-lining.

Monongalia County Ballpark Concert Series- This festival is a truly fun experience. It brings live music to the ballpark in Morgantown and features a variety of artists and genres. It’s a popular destination for outdoor concerts, offering a unique and enjoyable experience for music lovers of all kinds.

Happy Hippy Muzik Fest- This festival is located in Hinton and features rock, psychedelic, blues, and folk music. The two-day and two-night event is known for building community, playing music around the fire, and appreciating life. This festival is also a popular attraction for the state’s medical marijuana consumers. Here, you can learn how to partake in the activities legally while at the festival.

Purple Fiddle Music Fest- The Purple Fiddle Festival in Thomas, West Virginia, is a celebration of folk, bluegrass, and Americana music. The Purple Fiddle is a renowned live music venue offering a welcoming atmosphere for music lovers of all kinds. This festival is particularly great for families since it offers activities for all ages and a variety of delicious festival foods.

Mountain Music Trail

When traveling through West Virginia along Route 219, you’re actually tracing the Mountain Music Trail. This trail is a self-guided tour that celebrates the state’s intimate musical heritage. It takes site visitors on a adventure via the coronary heart of Appalachia, presenting possibilities to look stay performances, visit ancient landmarks, and study the cultural importance of conventional Appalachian tune.

The Mountain Music Trail on the whole runs through the Allegheny Mountains and the Appalachian Plateau and includes a giant part of the kingdom.

Along the path, visitors can find many locations to learn how to play traditional Appalachian instruments, dance to Appalachian tunes, or really be part of in at the tune-making amusing. The path also affords a learning possibility for visitors who want to learn greater approximately the cultural significance of Appalachian tune . The history, stories, and traditions of the region are essential to the trail’s offerings.

Beyond the music, visitors can immerse themselves in the stunning scenery of West Virginia’s mountains, making the trail a truly multifaceted experience.

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