7 Spiritual Signs You Met Your Soulmate

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We’ve all felt that spark from within our chests after meeting that one special person. When our hearts race faster than normal at the sight of them. How amazing it can be to nurture the thought that they might be the special ones! But despite the feelings and connection, are you still unsure if this person is your soulmate?

Soulmates are people you have this strong connection with and have this natural flow with.

Sometimes you might miss these signs that the universe is showing you, so take note of these spiritual signs that you met your soulmate. If, by chance, you meet someone for the first time and you immediately flow along, or after you meet them,  you can’t stop thinking of them, The chemistry doesn’t lie; you just met your soulmate.

Interestingly, many don’t believe in these spiritual signs, but they are factual. Within the paragraphs of this article, you will find realistic spiritual signs that you met your soulmate. I hope it helps you make your decisions fast, build a loving life with the said person, or move on.

Destined To Be Together

Human history is filled with strange encounters. This is a particularly beautiful aspect of human history, though. This extraordinary scenario leaves a nostalgic feeling and chills down your spine if you ever witness one. And mostly, a love story should be considered the most nostalgic.

I can categorize love into types due to the scenario surrounding the encounters of the lovers. While some people say they were friends with their lovers for a while before they finally fell in love with each other, Some will claim they bonded with their lovers because, after a painful breakup, their new lover was there for them. And some will claim it was love at first sight.

However, whenever lovers grow fond of themselves, there is this strong belief that grows in their minds that they were meant to be together after all. This might sound strange to some and reasonable to others, but I want to state the fact that I believe it’s true and happens.

When two lovers see themselves as destined to be together, they are called soulmates.
The notion of people being soulmates is commonly believed to be when two people are destined to be together. There is the belief that there must be someone out there who is exactly right for you, and the universe will find a way to bring the two of you together.

A word is normally used to qualify this concept: “twin flames”. Which is when two individuals are designed to be together at a specific time. Do you believe this theory to be true? If yes, I will help show you some spiritual signs that you have met your soulmate.

7 Spiritual Signs You Met Your Soulmate

Conditions and times often allow people to meet or never meet. Some people fight their way through the path of destiny and meet someone they share a lot in common with. But the conflict in the minds of some who don’t believe in this phenomenon is that they don’t see love as something that happens by chance.

Some disbelieve the reality of one having a soulmate and thus claim it makes one stop working hard to build stable relationships. Some claim that the fact that the world’s population is over millions makes some doubt that there is that one person who exists solely for you. But I’ll show you spiritual signs that you met your soulmate and perhaps help you know, despite a whole lot of controversy about it.

1. There is a natural connection


Katerina Holmes, Pexels

A natural connection between you and your lover is a strong sign that you are soulmates. This is emphatically considered true because you don’t naturally connect with everybody from the first day you meet. This connection is instant and natural, so even if it’s just a few days’ encounter or a few minutes together, the flow just comes.

The urge to be with them comes with a natural backing that eases the current between the both of you. There is no tension in trying to build a link of trust between you both. It just comes naturally, making this sign that you met your soulmate a primary proof that soulmates exist.

You discover that you don’t have issues trying to understand yourselves because your souls are intertwined together. Causing a perfect understanding between you both.

2. You feel real when with them

Have there been occasions when you are around your crush and still don’t feel real to yourself? Like you are living a fake life. Then, surprisingly, when around a particular person, you see yourself composed and being yourself.

Most soulmates share this deep sense of pure understanding between themselves and don’t struggle to hide an aspect of their lives. Because the bond between you and your soulmate is natural, the need to hide flaws is not there. The myth is that your soulmate loves you and doesn’t care to see the flaws first.

Hence, the tension of having a partner who you want to please by faking your life is not there.

This spiritual sign that you met your soulmate is the most genuine and concrete, because lasting relationships are built on sincerity and being real.

3. You feel like you’ve known each other for a long time

Have you met someone, though for the first time, but you both related like you had known each other prior to that time? Not everybody has the privilege of easy familiarity and shared similarities. So whenever you have this kind of feeling with someone, know for free that they might be your soulmates, if not.

When soulmates meet for the first time, they connect, and it makes you feel like they have known each other from day one. They share this sense of familiarity that makes you doubt them if they say they have not been friends before.

In other words, this spiritual sign that you met your soulmate comes with the shock of how two people can go along even before ever knowing themselves. Like they have known each other from a past life.

4. Have a lot in common

Mostly, soulmates have a lot in common. It might be considered a coincidence, but these small details that align always prove a point. It does not matter how diverse their background or upbringing is; their details fit into a small box like magic.

Have you met someone you share a lot with, including traumatic attacks? Have you had the same struggles at some stage in your lives? This doesn’t make all their life experiences balanced in comparison, but their similarities seem prominent.

5. Your encounter happened at the right time

Life is more spiritual than physical. So timing and incidence go in the favor of soulmates. And such soulmates meet at the very right time, when they need each other the most. Have you ever met someone whose life looked all planned out and arranged? So exactly when you needed that friend to help you, they came by? If yes, that’s a sign the person is your soulmate.

You must have met this person, as a different relationship is coming to an end, and it gives you the room to get your heart fixed. Your soulmate can show up at a point when the demand of a friend to trust is on you, and they just fill in the vacuum.

Not all friendships that start when others end are an introduction to your soulmate. Still, surprisingly, this shows a spiritual sign that you met your soulmate; hence, if these signs align, then the person is your soulmate.

6. Designed to help Each Other Become Better

The sole value of a soulmate is the belief that they come into your life and fill a vacuum, solve a problem permanently, or bring peace and growth into your life. There is always a conscious or unconscious higher purpose that soulmates have within themselves to impact each other.

Subsequently, you might have friends and lovers who have had little or no impact on you since they came into your life. But for your soulmate, their impact comes to fill this vacuum in your life. There is a strong responsibility to help and develop you into a better version of yourself. Soulmates feel a strong desire to help each other grow and become better.

Therefore, when you next meet someone who has this very strong influence over your life and helps you improve since they came by, Don’t take it for granted because you just might be witnessing a spiritual sign that you met your soulmate and thus do not know yet.

7. Share the same emotional signals


Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Soulmates share the same emotional signals almost at the same time. The connection is strong, and as such, soulmates see themselves sharing the same sad and happy times even without prior knowledge. Discoveries were made about the connection between mothers and their few-month-old babies.

These discoveries should open your eyes to believing that two people can be so intertwined that their emotions align.

Soulmates can sense their partner’s emotional state. It works like magic, but apparently, it is real. Sometimes you can easily complete their sentences or explain to some other person how your soulmate is feeling without prior knowledge.

Although these emotional connections are spiritual signs that you met your soulmate, you should still practice keeping their negative emotions away sometimes. Some of their sad moods should not just be taken, but you can try to cheer them up and brighten their mood.

Final Words

The concept of a soulmate exists, and these little signs are critical to knowing when they are near you. Easy connections, quick understanding, and communal harmony—these are traits soulmates show. I hope you find your soulmate and find true happiness in them. But if, at large, a relationship is not meant to be, you will see some signs not blending in. And when these signs show, don’t force it; walk away.

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