14 Subtle Signs He Is Getting Ready to Ask You Out

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Relationships are part of life. We thrive and grow well in the company of others. The quickest way to live a fulfilled life is to be in the company of another loving soul(s).  Everybody wants a friend who can be their companion.

Sometimes, as a young girl, it might be hard to actually predict if a guy wants to ask you out or wants your companionship, especially if you’re also crushing on him. He might have been displaying some complex signs that leave you more confused about whether he wants you or not.

It can be quite challenging to navigate through the complex world of a romantic relationship, especially when you can’t decipher his intentions toward you. It becomes hard to recognize the signs if he’s getting ready to ask you out.

Knowing these signs, it’s important to understand that human feelings and behavior are diverse and complex. This will save you from lots of confusion and misinterpretation. What you might see as catching feelings for you, to him, it might just be nothing and mere misinterpretation.

Don’t just assume. A guy who wants you will surely display some signs that he’s coming for you. Knowing these signs will save you lots of heartache or future heartbreak.

Assumptions can lead to frustration. A guy who crushes on you will not also take the time to reveal his feelings towards you. He will go out of his way to make his intentions known.

In this article, we will explore these common signs and behaviors. Sometimes they don’t come immediately, but keep in mind that a guy who wants you will definitely exhibit some of these common signs and behaviors toward you.

Join me as we discuss these several common signs.

1. Increases attention and Interest in you

One of the obvious and earliest signs that a guy is interested in asking you out is that his attention and interest in you increase. He pays more attention to you, especially when you both are having a discussion.

He pays great attention and focuses on you during the discussion. He even dropped his phone during the conversation. He’s not on his phone, saying “hi, hello, yeah,” whenever you ask him a question.

Rather, he’s engaged and interested in what you have to say. And because he likes you, his interest in you might make him start seeking more opportunities to engage with you. This can be through conversations, texts, chats, or spending time together. This obvious engagement mostly indicates that he’s trying to establish a deeper connection with you which shows he has an affection for you.

2. He flirts with you

When he has an interest in asking you out, he also flirts with you. This can include playful teasing, compliments, jokes, and lighthearted banter.

If a guy regularly engages in these behaviors with or around you, it is obviously a sign that he’s testing his toasting power and creating an enabling environment and a more romantic atmosphere to shoot his shot.

For some guys too, this is a big one, as some guys are so nervous to flirt with the girl they like. They take their time to be patient until they eventually make it happen. Flirting is a common step if he wants you to see that he’s into you. If you see this, just know that he wants to make a move to ask you out.

3. He initiates deeper conversations

Another common sign he’s about to ask you out is that he initiates a deeper conversation with you. He’s always initiating things and taking the lead—like on a date! He usually texts you first or is always the one who suggests hanging out and doing things together. He initiates and enjoys talking to you and wants to always be with you.

This can also be evident as he might try to learn more about your interests, values, likes, and experiences. He might always initiate more in-depth conversations that go beyond surface-level topics. All these indicate that he wants to establish a stronger emotional connection before and will soon ask you out.

4. He spends more quality time with you

When someone is interested in having a romantic relationship with you, they will mostly invest and spend more quality time and moments with you. They will even suggest activities that allow just the two of you to have one-on-one interaction and meaningful conversations.

He makes you a priority despite his busy schedule. We live in a world where everyone has a busy life with a lot of things going on. But if you find that one person who you can always talk to and who is always available for you, cherish him.  If he makes you his top priority and would probably drop anything he has just to see you, then he’s about to ask you out.

5. His body language

When it comes to an obvious sign, there’s nothing more obvious than his body language. Our body language speaks the words we might be scared of or not be too loud to say. If he wants you, his body language will make the first move. It’s a common sign.

He will display it subconsciously. It can be through hugging, touching, holding, smiling, or even maintaining eye or body contact, leaning on each other, mirroring your gestures during conversations.

Remember to pay attention to their body language especially when you’re together. These signs and behaviors suggest a level of comfort and attraction. It’s a good sign he wants you.

6. He compliments and praises you

A good sign he’s getting ready to ask you out is that he compliments and praises you a lot. A guy who doesn’t have an interest in you won’t go that far. If he likes you, he will compliment you daily.

It could be things like, “Oh, you’re just so beautiful, smart, and adorable!” or a little further, like, “You are the most amazing human thing that I know” and “You’re so cute!” Frequent compliments, especially those that go beyond mere flattery and physical appearance, are an indication that he is interested in getting to know you on a deeper level. These compliments can also refer to your personality, smartness, intelligence, bravery, confidence, or sense of humor.

7. He remembers every detail

If he remembers everything you tell him, everything you’ve mentioned in the past, and even brings them up later, he is genuinely interested in you. Someone who is considering asking you out will often pay attention to every detail you share in conversations.

If they remember things you’ve mentioned in the past and bring them up later, it shows that they’re genuinely interested in you. It can even be as tiny as what happened on your fifth birthday, as shared by your father.

This is a very important sign that he wants to make a move to ask you out. It shows that he listened attentively to you whenever you had discussions.

8. He’s nervous

It’s a very common sign that he wants you if he’s nervous around you. This nervousness is because he’s concealing his feelings for you. It’s because he wants to make a move to ask you out but is also scared of doing it. It’s not easy to approach someone you’re interested in romantically.

It can be nerve-wracking, and this reflects in their behavior as being nervous. Being around you, they might lack words to express themselves. They might stumble or stutter over their words, sweat, fidget, or appear slightly anxious and nervous around you. So, if he’s nervous around you, it’s a good sign he’s into you. It won’t still be a bad idea if you notice this and make the first move to take the relationship to the next level.

9. His face lightens up when he sees you



It’s a good sign a guy has feelings for you if he is happy being around you. If his face shines brightly and he’s excited that you’re with him, it is a great sign that he wants to make a move. It’s natural to be happy for whomever your heart feels for.

It reflects that anytime he turns his face to see you, his face goes from flat to a full smile. I need not say more. It shows that he likes and wants you. If he doesn’t, he won’t even spend the next minute looking at you. It shows that you make him smile, and all he’s thinking of is how he can take the relationship to the next level and make you his.

10. He tries to please you

A guy crushing on you will do his best not to offend you. He will try his best to get your attention and please you. This can be seen in his attitude toward you. When you’re feeling down, he’ll go out of his way to make sure you’re happy and get you gifts.

He cracks some funny jokes to make you laugh. He tries to go out of his way to make you happy. He pays attention to you while talking. He listens and impresses you too. He’s patient with you. That’s the sign of a guy who really wants to be with you, and wants something more than just a friendship.

12. He asks about your past relationship

It’s common for a guy who wants to ask you out to ask about your past relationships, especially about your exes. He will also ask what you liked and disliked about them. He would also want to know what went wrong or broke you up.

This can also be his own attempt to assess whether or not you think that he could also be one of your future boyfriends. Asking you about your past relationship status is also his own subtle way to gauge your availability and actually know if he will make his feelings known or not. He might ask this just to inquire if you’re currently seeing someone, or he might just casually bring up the topic of dating to know more.

13. He’s chatty online



A potential sign that a guy is about to ask you out is that he’s chatty online. In person, he’s very nervous around you, but when you both talk online, he’s very chatty, hyper, teases you, and is lively. His true personality comes out when he feels comfortable.

He sends you hilarious memes, humorous chats, jokes, and songs, and he can comfortably have deep conversations with you. He’s just a little nervous in-person to relax and be himself.

Don’t forget that old saying that when a boy likes you, he’ll tease you. Well, it’s so true. He says things like, “You’re the funniest person I know!” It’s just his own way of showing his affection and getting your heart before asking you out.

13. He asks what you like in a guy

This is a really great sign that he wants to make a move. He might start a conversation by asking what exactly you look for in a guy. He’s asking to know if he measures up to the kind of guy you want or desire to be with in a relationship. Your response will go a long way toward either giving him hope to ask you out or giving him a chance to be with you.

Men have egos and want to go for a woman who will be proud to be with them. So when a guy asks about your preference for a guy, just know that he has his reasons and he has an interest in asking you out.

14. He tells his friends about you

Sometimes, in order for a guy to have more tips or boldness to ask you out, he tells his friends his intentions to ask you out.

You might not be in the know when you hear such things from his friends. It might also be that he doesn’t have that confidence to approach you yet.

Telling his friend will give him more insights and tips on how to ask you out. His friends in turn might tease him, especially when you hang out together, and his friends are all over it.

They know that he likes you, but he’s scared to make a move. His friends teasing him is their own way of pushing him to make a move. So when you see this, know that he is crushing on you.

He might also invite you to a group activity with his friends, before taking the step to ask you out on a one-on-one date. This might also be a good way for them to spend time with you in a more convenient and less distracting environment.

With the aforementioned signs, you should be aware by now, some of the signs that show that someone is about to ask you out.

In summary, it’s very important to note that these signs might not be full indicators that he has a crush on you or is about to ask you out. These signs can be there and yet have nothing to do with a romantic relationship.

People are different and can exhibit these behaviors for many reasons, including just wanting you as besties in friendship. Recognizing these signs that someone is getting ready to ask you out also involves observing their changes, especially in their behavior and body language.

Their level of engagement, commitment, maturity, and approach to establishing a deeper connection with you. While these signs can provide insights into their potential interest, the best and most effective way to understand their intentions is through detailed communication. Whatever it is, it’s very important to communicate openly if you’re not sure about someone’s intentions. Have open-ended discussions and ask questions. Don’t just assume.

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