How to Use an Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

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Spying isn’t the best of things to do, but it surely tells you everything about your competitor while keeping you in stealth mode. Instagram has become a very competitive platform, and everyone wants to up the other person in terms of fame, followers and likes on pictures.

IG stories really are something; they make you click, but you don’t want to give a view to your rivals. You can see any Instagram story by staying anonymous. This small guide will suggest 4 ways of using an anonymous Instagram story viewer. 

4 Ways to Use an Anonymous Instagram Story Viewe

Just so you know, Instagram doesn’t have any built-in option or tool to view IG stories anonymously; we have this trick up our sleeves and want to share it with the world. Below are 4 ways of viewing any IG story anonymously.

  • Switch to Airplane Mode

Doing this will make you an anonymous story viewer on Instagram. Do the following steps.

Step 1: Open your Instagram account

Step 2: Open the user’s account of whom you want to see the story of

Step 3: Make sure their story is fully loaded on their profile

Step 4: Turn on Airplane mode and view the story

Step 5: After viewing the story, close the app and remove it from the history tabs

Step 6: Turn off Airplane mode, and you have successfully viewed the story anonymously.

  • Create a New Instagram Account

This is the easiest way to become an anonymous story viewer on Instagram. You just have to create a new Instagram account (not of your name, of course). We suggest that you use a VPN before creating a new profile. This will keep your account details more secure. 

Also, turn on the VPN every time you want to view an IG story anonymously. 

  • Slide and View from Adjacent Stories

This way is a straightforward, sneaky way to view a story without actually giving a view. You can view the story by slightly swiping and holding the current story. This way, you can sneak a peek of the competitor’s story. 

In other words, you’ll be holding the frame of the current story and slightly swiping to the next and holding it exactly in a place where you can see the competitor’s story. Ensure you hold the story frame; if you let it go by mistake, you’ll accidentally give a view.

  • Use Third-Party Tools

You will find hundreds of online tools to make you a proud, Instagram story viewer. Some of these tools are free, and there is a price for some. These tools won’t ask for a new account or a VPN. 

Using these tools, you only have to start the tool and start viewing stories. Below are commonly used tool for gaining views on Instagram stories.


What does an anonymous story viewer mean?

It is a way or a tool that allows anyone to view any user’s story without appearing on their viewer’s list. This keeps the anonymous story viewer in stealth mode and maintains their privacy.

Can I view Instagram Highlights anonymously?

Yes, you can view Instagram Highlights anonymously by following the above-mentioned steps or using the mentioned tools.

Can you view IG stories anonymously of a private account?

No, there is no way to view IG stories anonymously of a private account. None of the steps or tools above will work – the account user has to have a low privacy setting.


Instagram doesn’t consider it fair for anyone to give or get anonymous story viewers. But we made it possible for people to do so, and that being said, the above 4 ways definitely work, and you get to stay hidden and view IG stories as much as you like.

There is only a small catch: if the account has a high privacy setting, there is no way to view the story at all. You can view stories of only those accounts that are public or have allowed anyone to view their story.

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