Helping Your Friend Through an Arrest: Pointers for Getting Them Out of Jail Until Trial

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At night, as you prepare for sleep, you get a dreaded call on your phone saying your friend got arrested. Will it break your night? What will you do now? Something that can happen anytime, something your friend is not prepared for, whatever may be the reason for the detention of your friend who is behind bars. Your friend will be terrified after arrest, and you cannot act as a superhero to bring him out of jail quickly. There is a process that you need to follow to get things done. Research and find a good bail bond agent to get your friend out fast to end the nightmare.


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How can you help your friend who suddenly got arrested?

After arrest, you can help your terrified friend, but you have to keep calm to give him patient advice.

Behave in an appropriate manner

First, try controlling your emotions because if you cannot help your friend, you can give him peace of mind and support. Your friend will not be calm, so you must maintain calm. Undoubtedly, it is a difficult time, so staying calm can help you in any situation in a better manner. Don’t try to fight with the police officer, or you could even get arrested; the key is to be respectful so that you can think of a solution.

Collect necessary information

It is not illegal to ask questions, but it is necessary to know how you talk. Being polite is the key to discovering why your friend has been booked in custody. Trying to interfere in the detention? First understand the charge of your friend. The information you gather is essential in case you want to seek bail bonds from Castle Bail Bonds.

Give him encouragement

It is necessary to encourage your friend and not say anything to anybody until your lawyer comes in. Talk calmly to police officers to make sure you do not let out a wrong statement. If they want to record your statement, tell them you will not say anything unless you don’t talk to a lawyer. It will help your friend’s reputation and prevent others from false conclusions. Make sure you support your friends, telling them they are not alone and should not act desperately in the situation.

Hire a lawyer

If your friend is having criminal charges, they should contact the criminal lawyer to discuss the case as soon as possible. Do ask your family members or friends for some suggestions. A lawyer knows best, so you can trust your lawyer.

Contacting a bail bond company

It would help if you did not depend on the lawyer only. If you think your friend will not be able to pay the bail amount, you should contact the bail bonds company. Always remember that when you are purchasing a bail, it is a non-refundable payment, and you have to pay a 10% fee for the release of your friend. Accordingly, you have to arrange for a reputable bail bond agent.

The lawyer is crucial because they can reduce the bail bond amount. However, your friend needs to be present on all the hearing dates. Go together with a lawyer, and you can convince the judge for a lesser bail amount.

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