Discover the Wonders of Dubai’s Top Attractions: Get Ready to be Astonished

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Dubai is famous the world over as one of the top places for amazing experiences and everyone knows that everything in Dubai is superlative. Every attraction has something special to offer for every kind of traveler. Whether you are looking for adventure, fun, exciting activities, family fun, relaxed vacation, luxurious spots or just plain old retail therapy Dubai has it all.

Global Village – The Global Village in Dubai is a yearly event that is held from October to April which is the winter season in this country. It is an open-air event bringing a plethora of the best entertainment, shows, food, cultures, games, rides, shopping and so much more all under one roof. There are a multitude of pavilions from many countries across the globe showcasing their specialities and cultural heritage. Each year new additions and guests visiting from all over the world make this a one-of-a-kind experience in Dubai that you should not miss. Book your Global Village tickets in advance so that you do not waste any time waiting in queues. 

IMG Worlds of Adventure – IMG Worlds of Adventure is the largest theme park in Dubai and if you are craving some real adrenaline rush then this is the place for you. There are 7 zones and each one is themed around the world’s biggest entertainment brands like Marvel, Cartoon Network, etc. The rides are gut-wrenching and the experiences are all over the top exciting and immersive. If you are a thrill seeker then you should definitely make a beeline for the Velociraptor, Thor Thunder Spin, Predator and the Haunted Hotel.  

Dubai Marina – Dubai Marina is a phenomenal man-made canal city built on a 2-mile stretch of pristine land facing the Arabian Gulf. This area has towering skyscrapers in the background glittering in the desert sun, a beautiful palm-lined promenade and you can see several luxurious yachts of all sizes bobbing in the water. There are glamorous boutiques, elegant stores and several dining options as well. The best way to explore the Dubai Marina is to take a sunset cruise and just take in the view of the setting sun and view the imposing modern buildings that line the Marina and other landmark attractions along the way.

Dubai Safari Park – Experiences in Dubai are simply incomparable and the Dubai Safari Park is no less awe-inspiring. This massive safari park is spread across a 115-hectare expanse and is home to over 2500 animals from all over the world. These include lions, elephants, tigers, giraffes, camels and many other exotic animals. The Park is divided into different zones – The African Village, Asian Village, Explorer Village and the Arabian Desert Safari. Each zone has animals that are native to its region. There are several different types of Dubai Safari Park tickets that you can choose from depending on the kind of tour you wish to indulge in. 

Gold and Spice Souk – Exploring the Souks in Dubai is an experience that you should not miss out on. A stroll along these bazaars or souks will take you to a time when Dubai was a center for trade in these regions. The Gold Souk is located in the Deira and the streets are lined with traditional stores selling gold in unimaginable quantities. Each of these stores  has a wide array of necklaces, bracelets, rings, gold bars, gold coins and more. The Spice Souk is a treat to your senses with a wonderful variety of herbs and spices. Load your shopping bags with these fragrant spices and wonderful herbs for yourself and as gifts for your friends and family. 

Al Bastikiya  – Al Bastikiya or the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood is the historical district of Dubai and it was built back in the 1890s when the pearl and textile merchants developed the place for trade. This area is entirely different from the modern and hi-tech Dubai we all know so well with its massive skyscrapers and highrises. Al Bastikiya is best explored on foot so plan your outing in the evenings or mornings. Some of the places you should not miss are the Coffee Museum, the Mawaheb Gallery, Majlis Gallery and the Al Fahidi Fort. While you are here you should also visit the wonderful Dubai Museum which is home to ancient artifacts, weapons and shifting exhibitions that showcase the old world charm of Old Dubai.

Dubai Pearl Museum – Before Dubai hit the big money from oil it made its name in trading pearls. The shallow waters here and warm weather produced some of the finest pearls in the world. The display at the Museum is a very generous gesture by the most prominent pearl trader Ali Bin Abdullah Al Owais and his son Sultan Al Owais. Besides the spectacular collection of pearls the Museum also showcases various exhibits that celebrate the lives of pearl divers and the sailors. The tools and instruments used by these divers are also on display at the Pearl Museum. A glimpse at the vast collection of these precious gems will astound you and understand the wealth that this country has. 

Dubai Design District – Popularly known as D3, this is one of the most fascinating new attractions in Dubai. It is an artistic community patronized by industrialists, entrepreneurs and all the big wigs of the region. There are concept boutiques, art galleries, art studios, several showrooms; in short, everything artistic and creative can be found here. Even the parking lot is artistically designed with beautiful murals done by Marwan Shakarchi, a British-Iraqi street artist. While in the Design District, you can purchase designer  handmade ceramic wares, artistically woven rugs, hand knotted carpets and more. You can enjoy a delicious artisan coffee with some delicious bakes or walk into a gallery of contemporary art just to admire the great works. 

Dubai experiences are incomparable and each one of the attractions is  phenomenal in its own way. Right from exotic flower gardens to playing in the snow right in the middle of this desert region, Dubai has it all making it one of the most phenomenal destinations in the world.


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