Why Bakery Brands Create Professional Custom Pie Boxes

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There are several food products in the consumer edibles market that come in specific forms, packaging, and use purposes. All these products have their distinguishing attributes, delicacy, weights, and structures. Baked foods are one of the most selling edible products in bakery shops that people of all ages love to eat on specific occasions as well as during routine days.

In addition, there are several types of bakery products that come in a particular packaging. Custom pie boxes are the best option to encase or wrap them, provide them with their required protection level, and keep them safe from harmful internal and external factors. 

Consequently, these factors can include moisture, dust, overheating, poor handling, weather change, and sunlight. You can create customized packaging of bakery items in any design that suits you and comes under your packaging budget.

There are different types of pie that come in various varieties and are popular among different people from various parts of the world. Moreover, these are made of thin yet long layers of dough. Some types of them are mentioned below:

  • Cherry pie
  • Apple pie
  • Blueberry pie
  • Peach pie
  • Cream pie
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Key lime pie
  • Rhubarb pie
  • Strawberry pie
  • Pizza pie
  • Pot pie
  • Mississippi mud pie

There are also many other types of pies that are popular in different states of the USA.

Significant Features Of Customized Pie Product Packaging


There are several beneficial features of custom boxes of pie products that make them the best packaging choice for bakery brands. It makes brands agree to opt for these boxes to provide the best level of protection for these fragile products and attract customers to the branded pies. Here are some of the top features of pie boxes wholesale that play a key role in satisfying pie product lovers:

1- Protective And Food Grade Material 

The main purpose of packaging is to provide the required protection to the product. That’s why food brands use highly durable and sturdy paper materials for creating personalized pie boxes, such as Kraft and cardboard. In addition, these materials are also food-safe, provide them with an extensive level of safety for delicate edible products, and keep them fresh, hot, and full of taste for an extended period of time.

2- Eco-Friendly And Economical Packaging

Sustainability is key to the main focus of today’s retail, fast food, frozen food, and other types of food products selling brands. People also prefer to buy those products that come in sustainable cartons/boxes. Paper materials like corrugated cardboard and Kraft paper board are the best solution for creating nature-friendly custom pie boxes.

Consequently, they don’t add toxic elements to the environment. Furthermore, these materials are a cost-effective option for brands that are new in the market or have a low budget for creating their product packaging.

3- Easy To Personalize In Any Box Design

You can easily create pie packaging boxes in any design, size, shape, structure, box opening style, material, printing, and finishes that suit you. The selection of these options also depends on the budget of your brand and the quality of the product. For example, if the product is small, you need to design a small-sized box. On the contrary, if the product is larger, then you have to create a large size box to fit the product in it.

4- Catchy And Uniquely Designed Boxes

Brands design custom pie packaging in catchy design to set their products apart from others and attract more customers to their branded products. For instance, Triangle shaped boxes are highly used for creating pie product packaging which make them catchy and look-striking to buyers.  The more lucrative is your product box, the more customers you can attract to your brand. 

In the bakery, ice-creams can be sold that are wrapped in ice cream cone paper sleeves that are also printed with catchy and professional designs. Waffle cone sleeves are made of Kraft cardboard and sometimes plastic wrappers that are also printed with catchy box designs.

5- Essential Printing, Finishes, Add-ons

You can also print key details on pie boxes wholesale packaging to educate your target customers about your brand’s value and perfect use of the product. After that phase, you can add eye-grabbing finishes with functional add-ons on printed pie product boxes such as die-cut windows. These options make them more lucrative and handy for your target customers, who appreciate your professionalism in your product packaging.

Wrapping Up The Whole Blog

Above are some of the top and mentionable features of custom pie boxes that make them the best packaging solution for bakery products. Sturdy and green packaging material, catchy and unique box design, and quality printing with additional features make these boxes the perfect choice for packaging delicate pie dough products. That way, you can enhance your sales in the highly competitive food market and grow your business faster than your rival brands.


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